Xiaomi, Meizu, One Plus are famous Chinese brands and their smartphones are in demand. About the firms of the “second echelon” are undeservedly forgotten. Doogee exports smartphones to 160 countries around the world and has long crossed the mark of 15 million devices sold. Doogee has made a name for itself on ruggedized devices, but also releases regular models. We chose 5 smartphones from a Chinese company that surprise with technology, quality and price.

Doogee specializes in secure smartphones. Photo: ixbt.com

S98 Pro: an “alien” flagship with a thermal imager
V10: 5G smartphone with 8500mAh battery
X93: lightweight budget employee for every day
X95 Pro: a budget employee with a beautiful appearance
N40 Pro: skin aesthetics and excellent autonomy

S98 Pro: an “alien” flagship with a thermal imager

S98 Pro takes pictures even in complete darkness. Photo: mobiltelefon.ru

The S98 Pro is Doogee’s flagship sealed case with thermal imaging option. The smartphone received the IP69K classification according to the MIL-STD-810G standard – it is completely protected from the ingress of any solid particles. S98 Pro is not afraid of washing at high pressure or high liquid temperature. A fall from one and a half meters will not cause harm. In theory, the S98 Pro can be smashed and sunk, but in normal use this is almost impossible.

The display of the model is a 6.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2340. The colors are juicy, there are no blue or yellow highlights, auto-brightness and a dark theme are on board. Doogee chose IPS-matrix instead of AMOLED. The smartphone has lost the trendy AOD (Lock Screen Event Notifications), but the LED indicator remains. Doogee will let you know about missed calls and messages.

The set of cameras is truly flagship:

  • main module from Sony 48 MP, f/1.8;
  • infrared night vision camera from Sony 20 MP, f/1.8;
  • selfie camera 16 MP;
  • an additional module is a new generation thermal imaging camera.

Thermal shooting is the trump card of the Doogee S98 Pro. The module displays the difference in the temperature of the objects on the display. A thermal imaging camera is useful when working with electronics, construction.

A separate thermal imaging module costs from 20,000 rubles. In Doogee, it is included in the price of the smartphone. Photo: startup.info

The infrared camera of a smartphone is suitable for shooting in pitch darkness. You get monochrome photos. You can also record black and white video at 2K resolution and 30 FPS.

Smartphone with 3-in-1 cameras: shoot anywhere, anytime. Photo: doogee.cc

Pictures on the main camera with a maximum resolution of 8000 x 6000 are detailed, sharp, with rich colors. The 40 megapixel camera performs at the level of an inexpensive camera phone.

Frames from the Doogee S98 Pro and high-quality pictures are almost synonymous. Photo: doogee.cc

The eight-core processor MediaTek Helio G96 is responsible for the performance of the model. Its power, combined with the video core, is enough for smooth operation of the shell, multitasking, and running games. In the famous Fortnite, Genshin Impact and PUBG, the FPS does not fall below 30 – you can play. Battery life – up to 20 hours. The 6000 mAh battery charges from 0 to 100% quickly – in 90-120 minutes.

Doogee S98 Pro is a smartphone with a unique set of cameras and sensors, a still up-to-date processor and a rugged housing. In some aspects (display, main camera, design), the model is inferior to the flagships of other brands. But the S98 Pro only costs $30,000 and doesn’t struggle with any task. With the exclusive thermal imaging module and night camera, there are no analogues of the Doogee flagship.

Key advantages of Doogee S98 Pro:

  • thermal and night shooting;
  • IP69K protection and excellent build quality;
  • “alien” design (for which the smartphone received the landmark European Good Design Award);
  • customizable side button (for SOS, compass, GPS, radio, emergency call modes);
  • clear Android 12 shell;
  • 33W fast charging via cable.

Key Features of Doogee S98 Pro:

  • processor: Helio G96, 2.1 GHz;
  • Display: 6.3″ LCD FHD+;
  • battery capacity: 6000 mAh;
  • memory and storage: 8 GB + 256 GB;
  • protection class: IP69K;
  • NFC: yes
  • shell: Android 12.0.

The average cost for July 2022 is 30,000 rubles.

V10: 5G smartphone with 8500mAh battery

In addition to the traditional protection against all troubles, Doogee has introduced a built-in thermometer. Photo: setphone.ru

The Doogee V10 model is a godsend for connoisseurs of 5G networks, autonomy and security. The smartphone supports a huge number of bands and frequencies, provides a strong and stable signal thanks to a set of antennas. In terms of security, the V10 has stepped further than the flagship S98 Pro. The smartphone can be submerged in water to a depth of 5 meters (for a maximum of 2 hours). Falling from a height of 3 meters does no damage. Dust and other particles are guaranteed not to penetrate inside. Underwater photography is allowed.

The model beats autonomy records. With a battery capacity of 8500 mAh (!) Doogee V10 works up to 27 days in standby mode, up to 15 hours when watching videos, up to 16 hours in gaming applications. Thanks to 33W fast charging, the battery can be charged via the adapter in just an hour.

Three main advantages (autonomy, 5G, rugged case) make V10 an ideal mobile hotspot for camping trips. The smartphone will receive and distribute a signal where others will not catch anything or will not work due to bad weather.

For the sake of the three advantages of V10, engineers had to sacrifice display resolution. 1560 x 720 (HD +) looks unusual in 2022. But the smartphone received additional minutes of autonomy and performance points. The 6.39-inch display itself is protected from scratches by Corning gorilla glass. The IPS-matrix of the screen accurately reproduces colors, the displayed objects are distinguishable under the sun’s rays.

The device has 3 camera modules:

  • main 48 MP;
  • wide-angle 8 MP;
  • portrait 2 MP.

In the 8 MP module with an angle of 130 degrees, good panoramic shots are obtained.

V10 can take pictures, but does not claim to be a camera phone. Photo: doogee.cc

More interesting is a separate smartphone module – a built-in infrared thermometer. They can measure the temperature of a person, water, food, etc. There is an error, but very small.

In the application, you can keep measurement statistics. Photo: doogee.cc

The Doogee V10 is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor. The chipset can confidently handle built-in applications (from a thermometer to outdoor programs), video playback, Android 11 shell. V10 certainly does not apply to gaming smartphones. The most resource-intensive titles work with drawdowns up to 25 FPS. But in other games, the FPS is higher than 35. This is quite a “playable” figure. A separate 4G|5G Wi-Fi gaming antenna makes the experience smooth and with minimal signal delays.

Key advantages of Doogee V10:

  • underwater photography;
  • protection of the body from damage during falls, water, dust, radiation;
  • high autonomy of work;
  • set of antennas for 5G.

Things to consider:

  • HD+ resolution;
  • weight – 340 g.

Doogee V10 Key Features:

  • processor: Dimensity 700, 2.2GHz;
  • display: 6.39 inches IPS;
  • battery capacity: 8500 mAh;
  • memory and storage: 8 GB + 128 GB;
  • protection class: IP69K / MIL-STD-810G;
  • NFC: yes
  • shell: Android 11.0.

The average cost for July 2022 is 27,500 rubles.

X93: lightweight budget employee for every day

X93 looks stylish in any color scheme. Photo: kimovil.com

Doogee X93 is a smartphone weighing 190g and only 9.8mm thick. Lightweight and neat budget-class device is equipped with a 6.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 600. Large objects on the screen, light weight, lightweight Android 10 GO OS – X93 is convenient for older people.

The device has a triple camera module (8 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP) and a separate 5 MP selfie camera. The image quality is at the basic level, but the X93 is able to clearly capture something important. A significant bonus of the device is the battery. The 4350 mAh battery can be charged every two days.

The MediaTek MT6580 processor handles basic tasks. Open a couple of applications, browser, video – no problem. Doogee X93 does not solve complex gaming tasks, but it costs only 7400 rubles and pleases with autonomy.

X93 is lost against the backdrop of flagship Doogee models. But as the first (or second), convenient and stylish device, the smartphone will not disappoint. Models will find a place in the list of devices for schoolchildren, pensioners, undemanding users.

Key advantages of Doogee X93:

  • light, thin, neat body;
  • a lightweight version of the OS – everything is clear even to pensioners;
  • price;
  • high autonomy;
  • support for memory cards up to 256 GB.

Things to consider:

  • not for games and heavy applications;
  • camera shots are very simple.

Main characteristics of Doogee X93:

  • processor: MediaTek MT6580;
  • display: 6.1 inches;
  • battery capacity: 4350 mAh;
  • memory and storage: 2 GB + 16 GB;
  • shell: Android 10 GO.

The average cost for July 2022 is 7,500 rubles.

X95 Pro: a budget employee with a beautiful appearance

The X95 Pro has repeatedly made it to the top lists of the best budget smartphones. Photo: makeuseof.com

Doogee X95 Pro has come close to the status of a mid-range smartphone. The state employee has a good assembly – nothing backlashes and does not push through when pressed. Textured plastic, pleasant to the touch, shimmers in the light. The round camera module in the manner of flagship Poco smartphones looks appropriate. The X95 Pro is pleasant to look at and hold in hands despite the modest price.

The back panel of the X95 Pro is not inferior in beauty to the flagship solutions. Photo: notebookcheck.net

To match the design – display. The 6.52-inch screen with thin bezels and IPS-matrix will surprise you with richness and brightness. Sunlight does not interfere with reading from the display. Auto-brightness works out in a timely manner and correctly. The screen of the X95 Pro is so good that it could easily fit models 30-40% more expensive.

On a smartphone, you can play Call Of Duty Mobile, Asphalt 9, PUBG at low and low-medium settings. With games at a level and requirements higher, the Helio A 20 quad-core processor is uncertainly friendly. But the assortment is not limited to heavy titles, but the smartphone copes with others.

Smartphone camera – three modules:

  • main 13 MP;
  • portrait 2 MP;
  • telephoto 2 MP.

X95 Pro can take photos with bokeh (blur), in monochrome and night modes, with the help of AI, with various manual settings. The quality of pictures on the main camera is acceptable. The picture “washes” a little only at the edges, the detail is not bad. In macro mode, the camera does the job.

Even at dusk, the camera does not turn the picture into a set of pixels. Photo: w3bsit3-dns.com

Doogee X95 Pro is in the TOP-10 budget smartphones with a price of up to 9,000 rubles. The smartphone covers 90% of the user’s needs, except for heavy games. The expressive design makes the X95 Pro look more expensive than its price.

Key advantages of Doogee X95 Pro:

  • gorgeous bright screen;
  • good autonomy;
  • thoughtful design;
  • face unlock;
  • 100% sufficient performance for typical tasks;
  • easy to learn, full-fledged Android 10.

Things to consider:

  • no fingerprint scanner;
  • the processor is not for heavy games;
  • Night photos are not good quality.

Key Features of Doogee X95 Pro:

  • Processor: MTK Helio A20, 1.8GHz;
  • display: 6.52 inches, IPS, 1600×720;
  • battery capacity: 4300 mAh;
  • memory and storage: 4 GB + 32 GB;
  • shell: Android 10.0.

The average cost for July 2022 is 8500 rubles.

N40 Pro: skin aesthetics and excellent autonomy

The design of the N40 Pro is reminiscent of flagship phone ideas. Photo: doogee.cc

Doogee N40 Pro is a classic style smartphone weighing 210 g and 9.9 mm thick. It seems that the back panel of the device is made of leather, but to the touch it is corrugated plastic. The material is practical, not scratched without aggressive impact. The leather cover of the N40 Pro matches the rectangular bezel and camera modules. Again associations with the Poco smartphone.

The display stands out – bright, with accurate display of shades, good color gamut and brightness. Doogee made the resolution small (1600 x 720): this saves battery power and adds performance. The display makes it easy to see objects even on a sunny street.

The autonomy of the N40 Pro evokes good emotions. With a 6380 mAh battery, the device will withstand up to 360 hours of standby time, up to 28 hours of calls, up to 21 hours of games. Two days without charging – the real prospects of the owner of the N40 Pro. The smartphone is charged from 0 to 100% in about 2.5 hours.

Doogee N40 Pro will delight you with its gaming potential. Photo: doogee.cc

The MTK Helio P60 processor paired with the Mali-G72 MP video accelerator handles games. PUBG and similar titles run at medium settings without tearing or stuttering. The N40 Pro will not reach high presets, but it will let you play popular walkers and shooters. The performance of Helio P60 is enough for surfing the web, working in several applications, instant messengers, etc.

Doogee N40 Pro was a logical step towards the middle segment. At a price of about 14,000 rubles, the smartphone scores well in synthetic and practical tests.

Key advantages of Doogee N40 Pro:

  • panel stylized under the skin, interesting design;
  • high autonomy;
  • high-quality screen;
  • decent quality daytime photos.

Things to consider:

  • NFC is not;
  • resolution – HD +;
  • night shooting and video raise questions.

Key Features of Doogee X95 Pro:

  • Processor: MTK Helio P60, 2.0 GHz;
  • display: 6.52 inches, IPS, 1600×720;
  • battery capacity: 6380 mAh;
  • memory and storage: 6 GB + 128 GB;
  • shell: Android 11.0;
  • NFC: no.

The average cost for July 2022 is 14,000 rubles.


Protected smartphones from Doogee are a living example of the balance between heavy “bricks” and models where protection is indicated for show. The flagship S98 Pro set the tone for a new class of smartphones – productive, all-weather, strong. Whether camping, in the garage, in the rain or in the water, the rugged Doogee takes on tough conditions while remaining productive.

“Regular” (without protection) smartphones in Doogee product lines are inferior to eminent competitors in marketing. But the brand has a distinctive style and – most importantly – a bet on inexpensive solutions. With Sony’s camera modules, creative designs and attractive prices, Doogee devices are able to attract buyers.