The daily use of smartphones has a serious impact on the mental state of adolescents. Gene Twenge, Professor of Psychology at California State University San Diego, reports this in his report.

It is noted that adolescents are now experiencing a spiritual crisis, and this is primarily due to the use of smartphones.

Teenagers began to spend less time with each other, because they communicate on the Web. This creates a feeling of loneliness.

The advent of smartphones has radically changed every aspect of teen life, from the nature of social interactions to mental health. […] Rates of teen depression have skyrocketed since 2011.

Teens who spend three or more hours a day on electronic devices are 35% more likely to think about suicide.

Symptoms of depression among teenage boys increased by 21% between 2012 and 2015, while the same rate among girls increased by 50%, more than doubling. The increase in the number of suicides is more pronounced among the audience of teenage girls. Although this figure has increased significantly in relation to the two sexes.

The professor also emphasized that smartphones are not the only culprit, but one of the main ones.

Parenting style continues to change, just as the curriculum and culture change, and it all matters. But the rise of smartphones and social media have caused an earthquake that we have not noticed for a long time.

There is compelling evidence that the devices we ourselves have placed in the hands of the younger generation have a profound impact on their lives and make them unhappy.

Unfortunately, Twenge did not make any recommendations. It is hard to wean young boys and girls from spending time actively in social networks and so on. [9to5]

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A professor from San Diego proved it.

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