The European Parliament’s Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection has finalized a bill on a single socket for charging smartphones, reports The Verge.

According to the document, all smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable game consoles and e-readers sold in the European Union will have to use a USB-C port for charging.

The biggest impact of the law will be on Apple, which is the only major smartphone maker not using USB-C. Apple will likely have to replace Lightning with USB-C or switch to fully wireless charging in the iPhone.

To the point: Kuo: Apple will replace Lightning with USB-C in iPhone 15

The law must be approved by the European Parliament, but it seems that this is a formality. A press release from the European Parliament says that the law will come into force by the fall of 2024. [The Verge]

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The law will enter into force by autumn 2024.

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