Bloggers received the first versions of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha.

So far, these are not release devices, but only prototypes. By the final release, they may change a little.

What is interesting in Alpha? Let’s figure it out.


The screen is very large, but it is not clear why

This is the world’s first smartphone with a 7.92-inch display covering all sides of the body. Most of all, the blogger was impressed by this feature.

All side buttons have become touch-sensitive, system notification icons, Wi-Fi / LTE and charge level are displayed at the edges. Quick notifications are displayed on the back. The screen is easily soiled and quickly collects prints.

A special cover closes the back panel, but almost does not protect the case. It is fragile, saves only from scratches.

Thanks to this form factor, Xiaomi has abandoned the selfie camera, so the main module is used to photograph “selfies”.

Applications quickly switch between front and back. However, not all are optimized for the new screen.

In general, the smartphone turned out to be interesting, but the implementation of the software is in question.

Marques Brownlee

Touch screen buttons don’t work very well

Marquez liked the ceramic bottom and top bezels, as well as the stunning color reproduction of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. Well, an unusual display.

The charging animation looks unusual. The smartphone is gradually filled with green, and it is impossible not to notice.

The smartphone itself turned out to be very heavy. Perhaps even heavier than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. But they are similar in size. The sound is transmitted directly through the glass, there is no speaker.

The volume and lock buttons work incredibly poorly. The idea seemed interesting to the blogger, but the implementation is very lame. They work once. But this is a prototype, and things can change for the better by the release.

But there are almost no phantom clicks, and it’s incredibly cool. Although in fact this is not one solid display, but three small ones connected together.

It is too early to talk about other factors. Will have to wait for the release.

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While this is a prototype.

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