The FSB issued recommendations to the Ministry of Digital Development on the development of a centralized database of unique IMEI codes for mobile devices.

According to Kommersant, with the help of this database, the FSB wants to “suppress illegal actions using mobile phones and increase the effectiveness of operational-search activities.” Experts believe that a single IMEI registry will allow security forces to associate a device with its specific owner through parallel import.

Telecom Daily CEO Denis Kuskov, in a conversation with the newspaper, noted that now they continue to sell “left” SIM cards from hands without a passport, so the effectiveness of these measures is in question.

The Bell believes that such a measure will allow intelligence agencies not only to find stolen gadgets faster, but also “to block push-button phones that serve as backup journalists, lawyers and human rights activists.”

The introduction of a single IMEI database has been discussed in Russia since 2019. Perhaps now the project will be completed. [Коммерсантъ]

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Experts are not sure that this base will greatly help to fight criminals.

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