RED founder Jim Jannard announced the Hydrogen Two smartphone and spoke about the reasons for the failure of Hydrogen One.

Jannard wrote a great post on H4Vuser.net about Hydrogen. According to a company executive, RED’s current focus is on the development of the Hydrogen Two and an add-on camera module that was never released for Hydrogen One.

He did not report on the technical features of the gadget, but noted that the smartphone is being developed “practically from scratch.”

RED Hydrogen One with optional lens.

As for the detachable panel with an additional camera, RED had to replace the photo module because the Chinese partner didn’t intend to finish it. The new panel will be compatible with both the first and second Hydrogen.

Although he [съемный модуль] will not replace its older brothers RED, it will certainly be the best solution for cinematic shooting at the highest level at a lower price.

— Jim Jannard

The founder of RED also told on the reasons for the failure of Hydrogen One. According to him, the Chinese partner, which was supposed to prepare Hydrogen One for production at Foxconn, constantly failed to fulfill its obligations.

RED couldn’t get along with him. RED is now partnering with a new, unnamed Chinese company.

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It is developed almost from scratch.

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