The Russian army is tired of using smartphones and camera phones. The Department of Defense plans to ban these devices entirely.

According to the Kommersant publication, “in recent months, a draft ban for all military personnel on smartphones, as well as devices equipped with photo and video recording functions, has been worked out.”

Lieutenant-General Yuri Kuznetsov instead proposed a list of 11 push-button telephones – from 688 to 2313 rubles. The General Staff believes that the phone should only have a flashlight, a calendar, a built-in alarm clock, as well as a function for sending SMS. No geolocation, no cameras.

This happened after the shelling of an air base in the Syrian Khmeimim by militants. Photos of damaged aircraft appeared on the Web, while the Ministry of Defense claimed that the equipment was not damaged.

The military leadership does not like the fact that military personnel take photos on smartphones, which are then uploaded to the Internet.

However, it is still possible to circumvent the restriction. It is enough to carry two phones with you – a smartphone and a phone from the list that can be shown during the check. [Коммерсантъ]

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The military doesn’t like photos taken with smartphones.

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