While Apple spends money on advertising photos taken on the iPhone, there are devices on the smartphone market that are in no way inferior to the “apple” in terms of image quality.

Only the lazy did not write about Honor 9 – Huawei engineers managed to create a smartphone worth from 25 000 rubleswith top-end hardware, dual cameras and a stunning design.

You take it in your hands, you feel it – a thing!

Honor 9 feels very similar to one well-known Korean flagship at number 8, only it costs almost half the price.

The glass back panel reflects beautifully and refracts the light, you can admire it endlessly. On the front is a large IPS screen with a diagonal of 5.15 inches and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

The side frames of the smartphone are metal, the smartphone is not slippery, it fits comfortably in your hand, and if your conscience does not allow you to wear a smartphone without clothes, each Honor 9 already comes with a convenient case.

But this is all poetry, because the main thing that Honor 9 boasts is two main cameras, 20 and 12 megapixels, with the help of which even in inept hands the most trivial picture automatically turns into a real work of art.

Examples of photos taken on Honor 9 in automatic mode:

Simple autumn shots, a dull street and parked cars, I want to immediately post on Instagram with some smart thought, like “The birds have flown to warm climes, but one can’t – fat like me.”

In addition to automatic, the camera can be switched to manual shooting mode, and here the expanse begins for those who like to experiment with shutter speed, focus, white balance and other settings, thanks to which a good shot can be made even better.

So, does the Honor 9 take better photos than the iPhone?

I have been looking for an answer to this question for a long time, and came to the conclusion that the post-processing of photos on Honor 9 is no worse than that of my iPhone 7 Plus.

A smartphone for 25,000 rubles and a smartphone for over 60,000 rubles photograph equally well.

For an average person who does not bother with photo settings, it is not necessary to save money and get into loans: I personally made sure that the Honor 9 takes great pictures, and in some cases even does an “apple” smartphone.

In addition, the Honor 9 is smaller than the Plus: the tactile sensations are as if you are holding a convenient, small iPhone in your hands, only with a dual camera, like in the iPhone Plus.

There is an alternative to apple!

Until you try it yourself, you won’t believe it: during one of the press tours, I watched Honor 9 in the hands of many fellow journalists, and sincerely laughed, they say, they found something to go with – I have an iPhone, my pictures will be better.

But after walking around with this smartphone for several days personally, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the photo module. For the money, the Honor 9 is the best camera phone on the market right now, no kidding.

Yes, it’s Android. But a proprietary EMUI shell is installed on top of it, which is one of the best and most modern today: there are pre-installed cleaning applications, automatic memory optimization, the ability to customize all elements … Apple has not yet reached this point.

This is not an advertisement. There will be no links – I am sincerely glad that in the camp of Android smartphones there is a worthy answer to the Cupertinos, who rest on their laurels and hope that fans will forgive the bored design and minimal updates in the field of the camera module.

All good smartphones for adequate money!

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