The White House security service has issued a special version of a secure Boeing Black smartphone to the new US President Donald Trump.

The device was developed in collaboration between Blackberry and Boeing. The smartphone has an increased level of protection against hacking – physical and informational.

The bolts in the body of the device are filled with glue so that they cannot be unscrewed. Moreover, when you try to open the smartphone, all data, including installed applications, will be automatically erased.


There is practically no information on the presidential smartphone, and most functions, such as the camera, are blocked. The gadget works on VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) technology, which allows you to remotely manage secret data. Therefore, there is no point in stealing – Boeing Black is simply empty.

The iPhone did not fit the security service according to a number of criteria, one of which is the flexible configuration of the operating system. It’s a pity. [Mashable]

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