One of the main shocks of MWC 2018 was the Vivo Apex smartphone. Then the gadget was immediately classified as a conceptual one. Typically, such devices rarely reach the stage of mass production.

But with Vivo Apex, everything turned out quite differently. Today, the company announced the official date for the presentation of the frameless.

The full announcement of Vivo Apex will take place in Shanghai on June 12.

Recall that at MWC 2018, the smartphone was equipped with a 6-inch OLED screen, Snpdragon 845 processor, USB Type-C.

Of the characteristic chips of the device: a retractable selfie camera, a fingerprint scanner built under the screen and thin bezels around the perimeter of the entire screen.

Let’s see what the device will be in reality, but now this model looks like one of the most remarkable on the market. I would like to believe that the Chinese will not quarrel with their heads and set a democratic price for the novelty. [The Verge]

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I really want to buy it today.

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