At the end of October, Vivo intrigued users with a frameless smartphone with a fingerprint scanner built into the screen.

Representatives of the company did not name the exact release date of the Xplay 7 model, and then decided that the new product was the right place for the CES 2018 consumer electronics exhibition.

Yesterday, the flagship with a revolutionary fingerprint chip reached the stands of Las Vegas.

The scanner was developed by Synaptics, which managed to integrate biometric identification directly under the AMOLED screen. The transparent sensor is placed between the OLED matrix and the protective glass.

Of the characteristic shortcomings of the scanner – a less productive speed of reading prints. Vivo representatives honestly stated that recognition takes a little longer.

Of course, we are talking about milliseconds, so the average user will not notice a noticeable difference between, for example, Touch ID and the Clear ID sensor from Synaptics.

The Verge journalists managed to test the 6-inch Vivo flagship.

Clear ID has a trigger limit – when unlocking, a picture appears on the screen with an image of a fingerprint, to which you need to attach a fingertip. Unlocking is not possible on other areas of the screen.

Vivo does not disclose the characteristics of the smartphone, does not name the price and release date of the novelty, but it is already clear today that scanners under glass will become a trend in 2018, supplementing the face recognition technology. [The Verge]

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