A few months before the planned announcement, a lot of leaks about the Google Pixel 3 smartphone appeared on the network. Some bloggers even managed to get a supposedly original smartphone.

But rumors are rumors, and Google has everything on schedule. Today the company introduced a new flagship – Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Alas, there were no qualitative improvements in design. On the contrary, Pixel 3 began to look (subjectively) even worse. The larger bezels on the top and bottom of the Pixel 3 and the annoying iPhone X-style notch are clearly not what fans of the brand were expecting.

Although, Google did not forget to remind that it was recognized as the “Company with the best design.”

Three devices were presented at the very beginning of the presentation. And they look like this:

hybrid tablet Pixel Slate.

To decide whether it is a tablet or a laptop, Google itself did not dare. The device is running Chrome OS.

The chip of the device was a stunning display (293 ppi) – Google’s own development. There was no stereo sound either. The Pixel Slate has two speakers to provide panoramic sound.

Pixel Slate received an 8-megapixel camera with support for portrait mode. Both a stylus and an external keyboard are provided for control.

The cost of the device is $599. For the keyboard, you will have to pay another $199, and the stylus will cost $99.

And smart display Google Home Hub.

The idea of ​​the display is to control all smart elements in the house with a single device. Home Hub supports working with a voice assistant, can launch videos from YouTube, show a schedule, add reminders.

In fact, this is a full-fledged tablet, which is sharpened for voice control and the fastest possible receipt of information in a structured form without additional taps on the display.

The Home Hub has a Home View feature that allows you to control every smart device in your smart home system. Visual statistics, convenient management and a single interface.

The device is available in four colors: mint, black, white and pink. The issue price is $149. Pre-orders start from today. The start of sales will take place later.

With the purchase of the Home Hub, Google will provide six months of a free subscription to YouTube Premium.

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A long-awaited event among fans.

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