After the presentation and start of sales of the new iPhone 14/14 Pro, many fans of apple technology wanted to upgrade their smartphones. However, Apple has not resumed official deliveries of devices to our country.

At the moment, these and older generations of gadgets are imported to the Russian Federation through parallel imports. Most likely, for some time we will have to exist with this phenomenon, which means we need to understand all its features.

To the point: What is the best iPhone to buy at the end of 2022

Now we will figure out which models can be brought for sale in our country, we will tell you how to determine the region of the gadget and its distinctive features.

Where to find the iPhone model number

The model serial number can be found:

▶ On the inside of the housing under the SIM tray (from iPhone X/iPhone 8);

▶ In the operating system along the path Settings – General – About this device. Click on the field Numberthe information in it changes by tapu.

▶ On the original box of the device. The number is placed on a sticker with a barcode.

All found numbers must match, otherwise you have a suspicious gadget of unknown origin. This iPhone is definitely not worth buying.

The found model number will help determine the region for sales in which the smartphone was intended.

How to find out the country of origin of the iPhone

iPhone 14 Pro Max

A2651 (USA, Puerto Rico)
A2893 (Canada, Guam, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and US Virgin Islands)
A2896 (China, Hong Kong, Macau)
A2895 (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia)
A2894 (other countries and regions)

iPhone 14 Pro

A2659 (USA, Puerto Rico)
A2889 (Canada, Guam, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and US Virgin Islands)
A2892 (China, Hong Kong, Macau)
A2891 (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia)
A2890 (other countries and regions)

iPhone 14 Plus

A2632 (USA, Puerto Rico)
A2885 (Canada, Guam, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and US Virgin Islands)
A2888 (China, Hong Kong, Macau)
A2887 (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia)
A2886 (other countries and regions)

iPhone 14

A2649 (USA, Puerto Rico)
A2881 (Canada, Guam, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and US Virgin Islands)
A2884 (China, Hong Kong, Macau)
A2883 (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia)
A2882 (other countries and regions)

Codes for other iPhone models can be found in the table below.

Country or region Model
USA iPhone 13 Pro – A2483iPhone 13 Pro Max – A2484,
iPhone 13 mini A2481iPhone 13- A2482,
iPhone 12 Pro – A2341iPhone 12 Pro Max – A2342,
iPhone 12 mini- A2176iPhone 12- A2172,
iPhone 11- A2111iPhone SE (2022) – A2595
US Virgin Islands
Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia
iPhone 13 Pro – A2636iPhone 13 Pro Max – A2641,
iPhone 13 mini A2626iPhone 13- A2631,
iPhone 12 Pro – A2406iPhone 12 Pro Max – A2410,
iPhone 12 mini- A2398iPhone 12- A2402,
iPhone 11- A2111iPhone SE (2022) – A2595
Hong Kong
Mainland China
iPhone 13 Pro – A2639iPhone 13 Pro Max – A2644,
iPhone 13 mini A2629iPhone 13- A2634,
iPhone 12 Pro – A2408iPhone 12 Pro Max – A2412,
iPhone 12 mini- A2400/A2399iPhone 12- A2404,
iPhone 11- A2223iPhone SE (2022) – A2785
iPhone 13 Pro – A2640iPhone 13 Pro Max – A2645,
iPhone 13 mini A2630iPhone 13- A2635,
iPhone 12 Pro – A2407iPhone 12 Pro Max – A2411,
iPhone 12 mini- A2399iPhone 12- A2403,
iPhone 11- A2221iPhone SE (2022) – A2784
Other countries iPhone 13 Pro – A2638iPhone 13 Pro Max – A2643,
iPhone 13 mini A2628iPhone 13- A2633,
iPhone 12 Pro – A2407iPhone 12 Pro Max – A2411,
iPhone 12 mini- A2399iPhone 12- A2403,
iPhone 11- A2221iPhone SE (2022) – A2783

In addition to the region of origin, it is also important to know the final country in which the gadget was intended for sale. The set of options available in the smartphone depends on this, or vice versa – the gadget may have some restrictions to comply with local laws.

To do this, you need to know the longer model identifier, which is located in the same place as the short one.

In an alphanumeric code, one or two last characters before the slash will be required.

code designation Country
A, C Canada
AB Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt
AE Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar
B, BT, ZO UK and Ireland
BG Bulgaria
BR, BZ Brazil
CI Paraguay
CM Hungary, Croatia
CR Croatia
CS Slovakia, Czech Republic
CN Slovakia
СZ Czech
D, DM Germany
DN Austria, Germany, Netherlands
E Mexico
EE Estonia
EL Estonia, Latvia
ER Ireland
ET Estonia
F France
Facebook France, Luxembourg
FD Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
FN Indonesia
FS Finland
GB, GR Greece
GH Hungary
GP, PO Portugal
HB Israel
HC Hungary, Bulgaria
HN India
IP, T, TY Italy
J, JP Japan
ID Indonesia
K Sweden
KH South Korea, PRC
KN Denmark and Norway
KS Finland and Sweden
LA Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico
LE Argentina
LP Poland
LT Lithuania
LV Latvia
LZ Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay
MG Hungary
MM Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia
MY Malaysia
ND Netherlands
NF Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal
PA Indonesia
PK Poland, Finland
PL, PM Poland
PP Philippines
PY, Y Spain
QN Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway
QL Spain, Italy, Portugal
RO Romania
RP, RS, RU Russia
RR Russia, Moldova
RM Russia, Kazakhstan
RK Kazakhstan
SE Serbia
SL Slovakia
SO South Africa
SU Ukraine
TA Taiwan
TH Thailand
TU Turkey
VN Vietnam
X Australia, New Zealand
ZA Singapore
ZD Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Monaco, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland
ZG Denmark
ZP Hong Kong and Macau
ZQ Jamaica

What is the difference between iPhone models from different countries

When you know the country of origin of your gadget, you can check what advantages and disadvantages distinguish it from other devices.

Europe models have maximum volume limits

For certification in most European countries, iPhone developers limit the maximum sound volume when using a headset. This will not be critical during conversations or games.

But when listening to music, some users may not have enough peak volume with the established European limit. The maximum level is lower by about 10-12%unlike gadgets for other countries.

iPhone from France may come with a wired headset

The government of this country periodically obliges smartphone manufacturers to complete their gadgets with wired headphones with a microphone. However, this restriction has already been abolished several times by new legislative acts.

Everything will depend on the date of manufacture of the device, you can get both a regular smartphone and a device with headphones in the kit.

Models from Brazil are occasionally shipped with a power adapter

In this country, at the legislative level, it is forbidden to sell smartphones without a charging unit in the kit. For a long time, the Cupertino people ignored this rule, paying fines to the country’s treasury, and the luckiest users even won court cases against the company.

Some batches of iPhones for Brazil do come with power adapters included.

Smartphones from the UAE block the camera during video calls

Manufacturers are required by state law to block the use of the camera during video calls. Otherwise, the smartphone will simply not be allowed into the domestic market of the country.

A few years ago, the limitation was hardware and it was impossible to make the iPhone exported from the Emirates work normally. However, in recent years, developers have used a mechanism to accurately determine the location of the gadget to enable and disable restrictions.

If you take your smartphone out of the country, you can fully use face time and other video communication applications.

iPhone in Japan can’t turn off the camera shutter sound

A similar restriction has long been introduced for smartphones sold in this country. As in the case of the UAE, earlier Cupertinians set a ban at the hardware level, which could not be bypassed by changing the region or flashing the smartphone.

Now all restrictions are removed when leaving the country and the shutter sound will not work in silent mode.

China models do not support eSIM

Perhaps this is the most significant limitation among the various regional Apple devices. Smartphones from this country come with a dual SIM tray and allow you to use a pair of physical SIM cards. But there is no corny eSIM mechanism in them.

Even when exported from the country, this technology will not work.

iPhones from the US will be the most interesting

Last year, Cupertinians equipped all models iPhone 13 high-speed cellular modules with support 5G mmWave.

Smartphones have an additional antenna at the end of the case and support bands n258 (26 GHz), n260 (39 GHz) and n261 (28 GHz). They allow you to work at frequencies above 6 GHz and get data download speed up to 4 Gbps.

The technology works only in some regions of the United States, outside the country there will be no sense from an additional module and frequency support. The situation is similar with the entire line iPhone 14.

A much more important change is the removal of the physical SIM tray from US models. iPhone 14. Gadgets support simultaneous work with a pair eSIM (like the iPhone 13) and simply do not have a slot for a physical SIM card.

Carefully buy such models if you still use plastic cards of mobile operators.

What other restrictions will apply to foreign models in the Russian Federation

▶ Previously all PCT iPhone models have received a restriction on the installation of multi-colored watch faces for Apple Watch. Foreign models will be deprived of this feature.

▶ But when importing devices into the country U1 chip will not work and all related features. This module is available on models from iPhone 11 and it is needed for more accurate positioning of gadgets in the room. The chip is especially important when searching for tags AirTag.

All models, including the PCT, will not be able to use this module on the territory of our country due to the lack of permission to certify the required frequencies. When traveling abroad, the chip and related options will work.

▶ And here there will be no problems with the operation of LTE on different models. Such restrictions were relevant even in the days iPhone 7when it was necessary to look for “bands” suitable for domestic operators.

Now smartphones for all regions support those used in the Russian Federation LTE Band 3, Band 7, Band 20 and Band 38.

And what about the guarantee for foreign iPhones in Russia

Although Apple limited the operation of some services in Russia, it did not completely leave our country. This means that Cupertinians continue to fulfill their obligations to buyers.

The problem is only in the practically stopped flow of official components for authorized service centers. Because of this, there is an increase in the terms of warranty service. But all the programs announced by the company continue to operate in Russia.

All this applies only to devices that have been officially imported into the Russian Federation and have PCT certification.

Apple gadgets imported under the parallel import program can officially be serviced only outside of Russia. You can only rely on a one-year warranty from the seller. These are the conditions offered by large chain stores and telecom operators.

Some sites offer services for sending the gadget abroad for repairs in the event of a breakdown. But only large stores can afford this.

Suspicious sellers and one-day shops, with a high degree of probability, will not be able to offer such a guarantee. In case of problems with the iPhone bought from them, you will have to pay for the repair yourself.

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