For all lovers of gadgets and electronics, the iPhone is one of the best and most desired New Year gifts. Cupertino in recent years have accustomed us to a large number of models sold for any request and budget.

We, as always, have prepared a New Year’s iPhone Buyer’s Guide. We will try to warn you against a deliberately unprofitable purchase and help you choose the right model.

To make the material as useful as possible, we are waiting for your opinions in the comments.

These iPhones are outdated or irrelevant

Do not plan to buy these Apple smartphones:

◈ iPhone 7/7 Plus
◈ iPhone 8/8 Plus
◈ iPhone X
◈ iPhone XS/XS Max
◈ iPhone XR

Of course, you can still use such iPhones today, especially the XR. They normally cope with most basic tasks, they can make calls, take pictures and display Internet pages. Also, these devices, with a high degree of probability, will receive an update to iOS 16 next fall.

However, it is almost impossible to find such gadgets for sale really new or qualitatively restored. If you see such a device on the counter, you should remember that it will most likely require additional maintenance (at least a battery replacement).

iPhone 7 (here’s our old review) already struggles with gaming, mediocre photography, and lacks support for some features of the Apple ecosystem.

iPhone 8 (review) feels a bit more bouncy on iOS 15, but loses a lot to the slightly more expensive and much more powerful one iPhone SE second generation.

To the point: What is the difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone SE second generation

iPhone X (our review), although it is the first gadget in a new frameless design, but find it on sale new now almost impossible.

Difficult to find new iPhone XS/XS Max (2018 review). There are many such gadgets on the secondary market, but this is already beyond the scope of this material.

iPhone XR (review) a few months ago was officially sold on the Apple website as the most affordable frameless model. Now you can find it only at resellers, but the price for it does not look attractive. For a gadget they ask about 45 000 rubleswhich is a bit much for a non-top model of the 2018 line.

Removed from sale, but still quite peppy

Cupertino annually remove top iPhone models from sale so as not to be a serious competitor for new flagships.

At the same time, the top models of past years are sold by resellers for another year or two. It is quite possible to find such devices, and in terms of price / capability ratio, they often look even better than some of the current iPhones in the line.

Now we recommend looking for only two models removed from the official Apple shelves.

iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max. So far top

Read our iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max review

This device has not been available for direct order from Apple for more than a year. At the same time, the model sells very well and not every major reseller can find it in stock. The eleventh “proshka” was a bargain all last year, it was purchased as an alternative to newer flagships.

And in the kit with this model, a powerful power supply is still supplied for 18 Wwhich will save several thousand in comparison with the purchase of another model.

The smartphone is based on the processor A13 Bionic. According to this indicator, it is on par with the second generation iPhone SE and iPhone 11. However, the state employee clearly loses in design, has less RAM by 1 GB and only one camera, and the regular iPhone 11 model has a simpler display with thick frames.

Users iPhone X/XS/XS Max when choosing a new device, they will definitely not want to go back a step or two back. The iPhone 11 Pro looks like a pretty good buy.

Now the iPhone 11 Pro can be found in about 70 000 rublesand for the Max model you will have to pay 5-6 thousand more. Gadgets bypass the more affordable iPhone SE and iPhone 11 in many respects, while looking preferable even to the newer iPhone 12 due to the third camera lens and better autonomy.

iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max. A bit out of date

Read our iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max review

Last year, the flagship, according to the old tradition, a year after the start of sales gives way to a new model on the shelves of Apple. The annual growth in iPhone performance is no longer amazing. Old flagships in all tasks, except for synthetic tests, show themselves on a par with new ones.

iPhone 12 Pro has a new design with “sharp” edges and is minimally different from the iPhone 13 Pro.

To the point: all the differences between iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro

In the novelty, the camera was slightly pumped, a newer processor and a display with support for refresh rates were installed. 120 Hz. Otherwise, both devices are comparable.

The price tag on the iPhone 12 Pro starts from 95 000 rublesfor the phablet 12 Pro Max they ask for 5 thousand more. The price now does not allow calling a professional “dvenashka” a very profitable purchase.

It is worth choosing a model only because of color preferences or the need for a third chamber. In other cases, you can look at iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 13.

current models

Compared to previous years, Cupertinites have slightly reduced the current line of smartphones on sale.

There are currently eight models on the site. The two most affordable are sold with a couple of options for built-in drives, for the rest there are three possible configurations, and the top flagships even have four models in the line.

iPhone SE (2nd generation). The most affordable model with low autonomy

Read our iPhone SE review

The most budget iPhone ever. This is expressed both in the price of the gadget and in the design of the model. The appearance of the device sends straight back to 2014, when we first saw iPhone 6 in new design.

At the same time, the device has a completely modern filling, which is enough not only to get acquainted with the Apple ecosystem, but also to work with most iOS software chips.

At the same time, the model has a solid set of minuses:

▷ Old button design Home on the front of the smartphone. Large frames above and below the display, rounded ends, which are not in trend now.

▷ One main camera module. It’s classic width 12 MP ƒ/1.8. Programmatically, the gadget, although it can take a portrait with a bokeh effect and pull out a photo due to post-processing, but in medium and difficult conditions the camera just rests.

▷ The display is small by today’s standards. screen with a diagonal 4.7″ enough for most applications, but for the consumption of content (photos, videos, games, social networks) you already want more.

▷ The model has low autonomy. Battery capacity 1821 mAh not able to live a working day even under average load. Only calls and a few applications.

Of the positive points worth noting:

▶ The gadget has a fairly powerful stuffing. CPU A13 Bionic straight from the line iPhone 11 for a few more years it will cope with all the tasks of users without any problems.

▶ The smartphone shoots video perfectly. Recording supported 4K up to 60fps.

▶ All current communication standards are supported. 5G, of course, no, but there is WiFi 6, bluetooth 5.0 and support eSIM.

▶ An unexpected advantage in a pandemic was the module touch ID.

Who is this iPhone for? a good handset for schoolchildren or older users. Convenient device as a second gadget without the need for smart functions.

Buy iPhone SE: from 37 990 rubles

iPhone 11. Not recommended for everyone

Read our iPhone 11 review

A year and a half ago, this device occupied a worthy place in the line of Apple smartphones. It was cheaper than the flagships, but at the same time had many features of more expensive iPhones. Now the functionality of the model clearly does not justify its price.

There is practically nothing to scold the iPhone 11 for, here are a couple of model shortcomings:

▷ The screen of the model is made according to not the most up-to-date Liquid Retina HD technologies. The difference with OLED matrices is visible to the naked eye, thicker display bezels are also noticeable in direct comparison.

▷ Keeping the model in the current lineup did not work for her. If the model was sold by resellers, the price tag could be lower.

You can also praise the iPhone 11. Here are the undeniable advantages of the device:

▶ Powerful stuffing. The device is controlled by a chip A13 Bioniconly top games can fully download it.

▶ Availability face ID. This is the most affordable iPhone sold with this technology.

▶ Dual camera module: width ƒ/1.8 and extra wide ƒ/2.4 take good pictures even in moderate lighting conditions.

▶ The model has good autonomy. Battery 3110 mAh gives a confident day of work under a good load.

Who is this iPhone for? the model is suitable as a starter if you want an iPhone in a new design, but more expensive models are not considered. In other cases, it is better to either go down to iPhone SE + a set of accessories, or go up to more promising iPhone 12 or much better, the iPhone 13.

Buy iPhone 11: from 49 990 rubles

iPhone 12 mini. Very compact but drains quickly

Read our iPhone 12 mini review

The line of ordinary “dvenashek” was not removed from the official counter of Apple stores. The model has fallen slightly in price when compared with summer prices, and looks like a good competitor to the iPhone 11 described above. It is worth remembering the shortcomings of the device, which may become critical for someone.

▷ Diagonal display 5.4″ some may find it too small.

▷ The autonomy of the model is one of the lowest. Officially they say 15 hours of video playback, but in fact most users have a smartphone asking for an outlet after lunch. Battery capacity 2815 mAhthis is much more than the budget iPhone SE, but more powerful filling minimizes this advantage.

At the same time, last year’s “minicom” has a lot of advantages:

▶ The color palette is one of the most interesting. Among the six colors, everyone is sure to find something suitable.

▶ The stuffing is very powerful. Last year’s flagship processor A14 Bionic will become obsolete very soon.

▶ Very high quality OLED display with technology Super Retina XDR. It practically does not differ from the current flagships, second only in maximum brightness and refresh rate.

▶ Device dimensions are very compact 131.5 x 64.2mm x 8.3mm. It is very convenient to use with one hand or on the go.

▶ The unit has excellent photo and video capabilities. Pair of cameras width ƒ/1.6 and extra wide ƒ/2.4 allow you to shoot in almost any conditions. There is optical stabilization and night mode.

▶ All current communication standards are supported: WiFi 6, 5G, bluetooth 5. Of course there is support eSIM.

Who is this iPhone for? a profitable solution for lovers of small smartphones and users who do not strain their gadgets much during the day. iPhone 12 mini is suitable as a compact dialer with a rare use of smart features.

Buy iPhone 12 mini: from 54 990 rubles

iPhone 12. The most balanced iPhone at the moment

Read our iPhone 12 review

Last year, the more affordable iPhone 12 line was virtually indistinguishable from the flagship iPhone 12 Pro. Until now, gadgets in terms of capabilities are extremely close, while the price differs significantly in favor of the usual “dvenashka”.

There is nothing to scold the device for, we managed to find the following shortcomings:

▷ they are not, even if very hard to find fault.

To the point: What is the difference between iPhone 13 and iPhone 12

At the same time, the model has a solid set of advantages.

▶ The device is made in a new design with “sharp” edges.

▶ Processor power A14 Bionic enough for even the most demanding games. You will not want to think about an upgrade very soon.

▶ Diagonal display 6.1″ made according to technology Super Retina XDR. The iPhone 13 generation surpasses this screen only in terms of peak brightness.

▶ There is support for accessories MagSafe.

▶ The cost is lower than that of the entire current model range.

Who is this iPhone for? an ideal purchase for both newcomers to the Apple ecosystem and for all owners iPhone X/XR/11 or any model in the old design.

Buy iPhone 12: from 64 990 rubles

iPhone 13 mini. The device is only for fans of “mini”

Read our iPhone 13 review

The updated line of mini-iPhones caused conflicting sensations. On the one hand, the smartphone has become more powerful, and the camera is cooler, but on the other hand, the small screen has remained an extremely niche solution, and the autonomy of the model has grown slightly.

The device has almost all the disadvantages of its predecessor:

▷ Diagonal display 5.4″ definitely not for everyone. Be sure to hold the device in your hands before buying.

▷ Autonomy, although it has become better due to a more energy-efficient processor, still leaves much to be desired.

▷ The price tag for the novelty is higher than now for last year’s “twins”.

Of course, the compact novelty has a solid set of advantages:

▶ Top stuffing at the moment. CPU A15 Bionic just appeared and now does not even reveal its full potential.

128 GB storage in the minimum configuration. This is what allows Apple to charge a higher price tag for the iPhone 13 mini than for last year’s full-sized iPhone 12 with a drive for 64 GB.

▶ The newest and most advanced camera to date. From the previous generation, it is distinguished by a system with a matrix shift and the presence of a cinematic effect when shooting.

▶ Dual eSIM support instead of eSIM + physical card on previous models.

Who is this iPhone for? those who are willing to overpay for the above set of benefits and are not afraid of the low autonomy of the gadget.

Buy iPhone 13 mini: from 69 990 rubles

iPhone 13. Good, right iPhone

Read our iPhone 13 review

If last year there were very few differences between new iPhones of the same size, which made it possible to safely recommend the iPhone 12 to most users, then the Pro-line smartphones presented this fall received much more key innovations. If you compare the more affordable iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 directly, you will find a minimum of differences and changes – but important ones.

To the point: What is the difference between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

New price is higher for 10,000 rubles, for which the buyer will receive twice as much memory, a 20% brighter display and an updated camera. The new iPhone 13 has only one major drawback:

▷ few differences from the iPhone 12 and at the same time a large number of compromises compared to the iPhone 13 Pro.

The set of advantages is solid:

▶ Top iron. CPU A15 Bionic currently the leader in the smartphone market. drive 128 GB in the base will last a long time.

▶ The camera with a shifting matrix system and cinema effect is almost as good as the flagship line (there is no telephoto).

▶ The model has a modified block of cameras that give out a novelty and the most current line of colors.

▶ The autonomy is slightly higher than in the previous generation of smartphones.

Who is this iPhone for? if you consider the described set of advantages to be significant, take the iPhone 13. Otherwise, go down to the iPhone 12 + accessories kit or take the iPhone 13 Pro.

Buy iPhone 13: from 79 990 rubles

iPhone 13 Pro. Really top flagship

Read our iPhone 13 Pro review

As mentioned above, last year’s “bugs” were not particularly surprising. This year, the Cupertinians have made the gap between the lines more noticeable, leaving the same difference in price.

You can scold the new flagship only for this:

▷ There are no bright colors in the line.

▷ The camera block is very large, the smartphone lies unsteadily on a flat surface without a case. And the new block with lenses looks better on the enlarged Max model.

▷ A sensor of little use to the absolute majority LiDAR.

The rest of the iPhone has solid advantages.

▶ The most advanced filling. This also applies to the new processor A15 Bionicand 128 GB memory in the basic version, and 6 GB RAM (2 more than regular iPhone 13 or last year’s models).

▶ The new OLED matrix received by 25% a higher brightness limit and, more importantly, a dynamic change in the refresh rate of the picture to 120 Hz.

▶ The camera module has become noticeably better, this applies to both hardware and software capabilities. Especially worth noting is the ability to shoot macro photos and shoot video in ProRes.

▶ Autonomy is 10-15% higher than last year’s model, and it’s noticeable.

Who is this iPhone for? for those who want a top flagship or need the most advanced mobile cameras on a smartphone.

Buy iPhone 13 Pro: from 99 990 rubles

iPhone 13 Pro Max. No exclusive chips this year

Read our iPhone 13 Pro Max review

Last year’s “flagship shovel” had several differences from the regular iPhone 12 Pro model. This concerned not only the size of the display and the volume of the battery, but also the camera module with a modified “telephoto”, an enlarged sensor for the “width” and a stabilization mechanism. Sensor Shift.

In the 2021 model range, smartphones do not differ in the installed camera modules. As before, the choice rests on the screen size, autonomy and physical dimensions.

The set of advantages and disadvantages is similar to the iPhone 13 Pro described above, with the exception of one: the battery life of the Max is on average 30% (or up to 10 hours) higher than that of all other Apple smartphones.

Who is this iPhone for? a model for those who need a giant phablet or simply do not mind spending 110 thousand on a smartphone.

Buy iPhone 13 Pro Max: from 109 990 rubles

The final model selection guide

We have prepared a comparison table to help you choose the right price. You can use it when you want to make a purchase within a limited budget.

Below are tips for choosing a specific gadget model:

► iPhone SE 2020 will be a good buy both in terms of the most affordable iPhone and as a smartphone for calls. Just be aware of a weak battery.

► iPhone 11 is the most affordable frameless iPhone in the lineup. However, we do not recommend choosing it just because of this, it is better to consider neighboring devices.

► Be very careful when choosing your iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13 mini. Models are not suitable for everyone due to their size and weak autonomy.

► iPhone 12 is the most balanced purchase today considering the price. Excellent filling, actual appearance and reasonable price.

► Further in the same price segment converge iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 (with more storage), iPhone 13 and iPhone 11 Pro. Here we select by size and capabilities.

► In between from 100 thousand rubles and more you hardly need recommendations – here the choice is as large as possible. Ideal in this scenario, of course, would be the iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max.

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