My reasons for loving the “indestructible Nokia”.

It was the fall of 2014, I was going to get an iPhone 6 in the near future, when the dollar gets a little cheaper. But in the meantime, I went to a mobile phone store to look at the windows and saw an advertisement for Nokia Lumia 630 at a discount. I decided to buy just to play a couple of days with the operating system, and then put it in a distant drawer.

I did not expect anything good from a phone for 5 thousand. At that time, I had two friends who said that there was no better phone than Lumia. But I didn’t believe them because they never had an iPhone.

The new smartphone is a very pleasant surprise. A few days later I put my permanent SIM card in it and soon realized that it was perfect phone for me. Of course, from the first use of the iPhone were stronger emotions, but he died too quickly without being connected to the network.

There are three main reasons why I decided to use the Nokia Lumia 630 all the time.

1. He works all day

No need to read articles about how to make Nokia work 25% more and carry portable batteries. You just charge your phone before leaving the house, make calls, write letters, distribute WiFi to yourself and don’t think about how to save the battery. And if the phone is not actively used, then in the write sms / answer the call mode, it works for several days without charging.

A year after purchase, the phone suddenly became discharge twice as fast. This problem was solved by buying a new battery for 1500 rubles (replacement takes 20 seconds). After that, the phone began to hold a charge even better than immediately after purchase. No other additional expenses have yet been required.

2. I’m not afraid that something will happen to him

Nokia Lumia 630 can be safely carried in the pocket of any clothes and not be afraid that it will fall out unsuccessfully. If the smartphone breaks, then it can be easily replaced with the same one in the nearest mobile phone store and the internal toad will not even croak.

I dropped my Nokia on the asphalt from a height; stepped on her when she was lost in bed; hit it in her coat pocket against a massive wooden door and spilled water on it. She is whole, alive and doing great. I have never done anything like this with iOS devices (I have a particularly reverent attitude towards them), so I can’t judge their shock resistance.

And when in the early morning you go by minibus along the Syktyvkar-Kirov road or wait for the bus at the bus station in Golyanovo closer to midnight, you can safely look at something on your phone without fear that they will try to squeeze it out. And the iPhone in hand, in my experience, often attracts the attention of suspicious individuals.

3. I love the way WP organizes the desktop


The first two reasons could prompt a switch to any cheap phone. But why Nokia Lumia 630? Surprisingly, with its tirelessness, indestructibility and low price he can do everythingwhat I need from a smartphone.

Here is a screenshot of my phone’s home screen. On it (listing from left to right and top to bottom) are now the following tiles:

  • Sberbank payment application;
  • Mail client;
  • Translator (this tile needs to be replaced with something, I have never used it);
  • Camera;
  • skype;
  • Timer/stopwatch;
  • Battery status indicator (I keep it on the desktop because through it you can quickly enable / disable Bluetooth / WiFi / GPS / airplane mode);
  • Calendar (synchronized with Google-calendar);
  • Slack (messenger in which the authors of iPhones.ru communicate);
  • To-do list (OneNote notes can be placed on the desktop in the form of tiles);
  • Calculator;
  • File manager;
  • App Store;
  • Where I am? (click on the tile and immediately get the address of the place where you are)
  • Alarm;
  • Settings;
  • Metro (to calculate travel time);
  • Yandex.Navigator;
  • SMS;
  • Browser;
  • Telephone;
  • Shopping list;
  • iPhones.ru (you can make a tile from any site);
  • Habrahabr.

This is all I need when getting the iPad is inconvenient, or it has already run out of battery. Applications are clumsily simple, their design does not cause delight. But anyone can be accessed with one hand in a second. And most importantly, they are tolerably doing what they have to. For everything else, there is iOSwhich is more convenient to work on a large screen.

On the iPhone, I was unable to organize my workspace so that everything I needed was instantly available (i.e. one-swipe launch, not two or three). I find a tiled desktop to be more convenient than iOS icons. It is much easier to find something, no need to scroll through the screens / open folders.

The speed was a pleasant surprise. All applications work smartly and without failures. But it is worth remembering that I do not work on a smartphone and do not play games.

And now I’ll tell you about interesting possibilities. Nokia Lumia 630which may be attractive to readers, but which I do not yet use.

Two sim cards

I am very glad that my smartphone has such an opportunity. I’m going to put in the second SIM card TELE 2 in the near future, so that when MTS suddenly loses mobile Internet at the most inopportune moment, switch to it. Experiments have shown that constantly using TELE 2 is more expensive, but their communication quality is better.

Multicolor interchangeable cases


By default, Nokia Lumia 630 is sold in some kind of flashy-colored case, and a black case is attached to it in the box. My smartphone is orange and in the first days of use, I was going to change the case to something more elegant. But then I discovered how easy it is to find a bright smartphone on the table / in the bag / floor, and decided to leave everything as it is.

The price of housings for Nokia Lumia 630 starts from 300 rubles. If desired, you can have several of them for different bags / varnishes / clothes. Almost all colors are on sale.

Single Microsoft Account

If you’re using a Windows PC, you can sync passwords, browser bookmarks, desktop appearance, app settings, OneDrive files, and more to your phone. It is also possible to access files from the phone that are stored directly on the computer.

If you pay for a subscription to MS Office (a little over 3,000 rubles a year), you can use it on your phone for free and get access from all devices to 1 TB of free space on One Drive.

Powerful speaker

Nokia Lumia 630 is the perfect phone to squat against the wall of a train car with a can of Baltika and listen to a song “The gray-haired one flew through the camps”.

The sound of the smartphone is surprisingly loud. Anyone who likes to troll aunties in transport by forcibly accustoming them to musical culture – I strongly advise you to take a closer look at this model.

What else is good about Nokia Lumia 630

But the little things that make you love your smartphone more for 5 thousand rubles:

  • The screen is perfectly readable in the sun;
  • Mobile Internet Explorer is surprisingly good. I didn’t think I’d ever write something flattering about this browser, but Microsoft have outdone themselves;
  • There is an FM radio;
  • He plays the role of a router perfectly. Five hours without recharging.

What I don’t like about Nokia Lumia 630?

1. Books on it are just awful to read.. I tried different apps but didn’t find anything good. However, if there is a place to sit and two free hands, then there is no problem in getting the iPad out of the bag. And in an uncomfortable environment, you usually don’t want to read.

2. Some apps are really missing. First of all, a client for Bitrix, Tinkoff Bank’s payment application, and anti-aging brain games from Lumosity. In general, there are a lot of things in the market (even Schulte Tables) and something new is constantly appearing.

3. The quality of the pictures is not very good. The colors are always distorted, the background is fuzzy, the slightest hand shake and the photo is smeared to zero. I tried to shoot something pleasant for the article on him now, but the idea failed.

Relatively decent pictures are obtained only in daylight:


Will I ever return to the iPhone?

Yes. When it can work 16 hours (well, or 12) without recharging with active use and becomes incredibly shock resistant, or there will be some super features that will attract me. I really hope that this will happen in the next year or two.

iOS is the best mobile operating system in my opinion and I enjoy using it on my iPad.

But when I need to look at the comments on iPhones in a crowded subway car and I’m afraid that the gadget might fly out of my hands, I calmly take out the Nokia Lumia 630. treacherously will not ask to connect it to the network. To whom that, but I have enough of it in full.

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My reasons for loving the “indestructible Nokia”. It was the fall of 2014, I was going to get an iPhone 6 in the near future, when the dollar gets a little cheaper. But in the meantime, I went to a mobile phone store to look at the windows and saw an advertisement for Nokia Lumia 630 at a discount. I decided to buy just to play a couple of days with the operating system, and then put it in …

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