Already in three articles I managed to praise the iPhone SE, so far my best purchase this year. I mention it for the fourth time not in vain.

Clearly, Apple’s strength lies in “innovation,” high-priced flagship devices that often have no analogues. But at the same time, it is this company that is able to create “budget” gadgets that are impossible to compete with.

iPad 2017 year (our review) was one of them. A really chic, high-quality tablet that solved the tasks required from a tablet to ordinary people. Nothing superfluous, only entertainment, pleasure and work on the little things.

I almost bought it because I was disappointed in the previous one.

I gave up the tablet a year ago, but wanted to return

My last iPad was an iPad mini 4. I sold it a year ago without finding a use for it.

Yes, he was good. Magically thin. But it started to show too smallif you already have an iPhone Plus. As a working gadget, it was not good, as an entertaining one, it was also so-so in comparison with a large iPhone or Mac. All because of the small display.

So he collected dust until a good man bought him.

On the same day, I went to the store for an iPad Pro. I took it in my hands, turned it over, looked at the cost. I thought and thought and left.

Do I need a “stuffed” device to watch videos from time to time?

Maybe, No.

Now, if you could take almost the same, but cheaper, without killer technological bells and whistles – at the same time new, with Apple’s obligation to maintain its performance for at least the next three years …

That’s what it became iPad 2017 for 24 thousand rubles. It brings together almost everything that Apple has come up with in the iPad line, including excellent battery life.

Yesterday this iPad became better at the same price.

iPad 2018 is perfect for most, and me too

If you are a normal person and you need a tablet, take the iPad 2018.

Think: what do you really want to buy when buying a tablet? Most likely, you are looking for a home bedside device. Or road. To lie until needed – and entertained in a simple way when his turn comes.

You don’t need a state-of-the-art iPad Pro 10.5 for these things. Enough iPad 2018, I’m serious. Go through its configuration with me.

It stands powerful processor A10 Fusion, capable of “biting through” any task without any problems: from games to fashionable augmented reality. It is this “stone” that is installed in the iPhone 7, and even now it has no performance problems.

2 GB RAM enough for multitasking and working with two windows at the same time. Not to mention mundane things like a browser, books or videos.

8 megapixel camera will save in those rare cases when you have to take a picture on this tray. The image quality is normal, it has not changed from the last generation. The front module lacks the stars from the sky with its miserable 1.2 megapixels – but it’s enough for video calls.

touch ID on the spot, though not very fast. And also headphone jack.

The tablet itself is thin and light (470 grams). Works real 10 hours, that is, all day from morning to evening without stopping. My MacBook Pro can’t do that.

And, of course, it’s nice to be able to use Apple Pencil: this makes the device more interesting for both children and creative adults. My wife loves to draw, she is amazing at it – and now she will do it freely with the best stylus on the best tablet. Which costs 3 times cheaper than the iPhone, let me remind you.

Just remember that the Apple Pencil will have to be bought separately, it costs about 6-7 thousand rubles, depending on the store.

I’m waiting for iPad 2018 sales. Are you with me?

All owners of Apple gadgets know this feeling. You stand in the store and think: maybe wait a bit – and buy the next generation? With the iPad of 2017, just such a story came out. I wanted to take it, but overcame myself and decided to wait.

Now I understand that I did it not in vain. And the only disappointment after yesterday’s presentation was the fact that sales in Russia have not yet begun.

Today I read restrainedly negative reviews of colleagues from the USA, they are similar to the comments of Apple fans on our website: they say that almost nothing has changed. They are right.

But my parents dialed this morning and asked: is it good this new iPad? Can I take? After all, they do not need anything but movies, the Internet and music. For them, this device is ideal. And they are right.

We often forget that there are far more such people than us technology fanatics. They are the ones who buy the iPhone 7 in 2018 or the iPhone SE because they don’t bother. And at the same time they know what they need (benefit) and NOT need (bells and whistles).

We need to look at the bigger picture: these people are driving Apple sales as much as we are in line for the iPhone X. And they are also right in many ways.

Therefore, please, I need one black iPad 2018, as soon as possible. Am I the only one?

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