The iPhone killer still exists.

There are so many interesting things here that you don’t know where to start. The last time we had such a frank delight in design, display, body and technology was in 2010, when Apple released the iPhone 4.

Why is this possible at all?

Apple disappoints us, ardent fans: the company openly bet on the “loot”. Instead of one almost perfect smartphone or tablet, we began to receive 3-4 different models, each of which has its pros, cons, and shoals-features. iPhones are still selling well, loved by millions. But there is no spark.

At the same time, Samsung, the manufacturer of hundreds of phone models, put things in order in the flagship line. Instead of 2 models with a curved screen (Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +), there is only one version left – the ultimate, which has absolutely everything at once.

The Galaxy S7 edge is already on sale for 59,990 rubles and is currently the best smartphone in the world – especially for those who are not afraid to give up their iPhone. And here we are not cunning, we do not invent pluses. Yes, and a loud statement is not mine. This is a universal conclusion of all Western and Russian sites that reviewed the new product.

And this is my conclusion. If it were not for the Apple services to which we are so attached, I would seriously put the iPhone in a distant box. I have already begun to think about how to transfer my social circle to Telegram or Viber, getting rid of the slavery of iMessage.

I have never had this! For the vaunted Apple ecosystem to crack in front of a single smartphone is not just a matter of trying. We need to make a real innovation. Apple, do you hear about such a word?

Design you can’t fault

Samsung knew what to push. Almost all Android smartphones look frankly miserable. But not this one.

This one turned out to be unrealistically beautiful and photogenic, not only in life, but also in the photo. The first day I just took a picture of it, I didn’t even do the initial setup. There was an idea to troll you, under the guise of a review, to give a gallery of photos with the words “must be taken.”

What is most offensive to many “trolls”, the Galaxy S7 edge is almost nothing like an iPhone. Maximum – antenna strips on the edges of the phone, and even then HTC appeared earlier than Apple. The shape is completely different, put them side by side and make sure that there is nothing in common between them.

The case conditionally consists of three parts: a back panel with curved glass, a matte metal frame and a display in the entire front screen. The parallel with the iPhone 4 is alive again.

From a distance, the new model looks like the Galaxy S6 edge, but the differences between them are much greater than, say, between the iPhone 6 and 6s.

First of allSamsung has made the back panel tactilely pleasing. My parents have S6 edge, so I noticed the difference right away. In the previous model, the frame of the case was more noticeable, stuck into the hand in much the same way as the case of the iPhone 5. Now the glass on the back is more curved, which means that the smart lies better in the hand.

Secondly, while maintaining the size of the display, the rest of the body was reduced. In practice, this means that the new edge Screen bezels are almost invisible! It must be seen live, because together with curved glass the effect is magical. So much so that I secretly hope for a similar move by Apple in the iPhone 7. Or not secretly anymore …

Thirdly, Samsung engineers managed to reduce the “protrusion” of the camera module on the rear panel. Now it is actually insignificant, the difference is three times. With the camera on the edge S7 proving to be better than the iPhones, I’m tempted to wave my hand at Apple and point my finger at how to do it. But they still won’t hear it, they also need to make the iPhone 6se.

In practice, only the owners of previous generations of Samsung will notice all this, while the rest will simply pick it up and say “wow”.

A very beautiful smartphone. And not even in the style of modern Android flagships: there are no separate metal panels at the back, sharp edges, or other imitations of already outdated Apple standards.

The back panel is not just covered with glass: under it is a substrate that curiously reflects light, creating a stylish effect of light stripes. The side faces of the glass shine amazingly in the light, making the device unlike a smartphone in general.

Another moment that you just don’t notice. For a long time, Samsung has released a truly black model, not with the signature blue tint as before. Purely subjectively, I like this more. But the gold and platinum modifications of the S7 really let us down: they shine very much in the light. Although this is already my IMHO, I know people who do not agree and took for themselves just such.

S7 edge destroys the iPhone 6s Plus in ergonomics

In the hand, the smartphone is five stars, not only because of the new rear panel. With the same display diagonal, the Galaxy S7 edge is noticeably smaller than its counterpart from Apple – the iPhone 6s Plus.

The difference is immediately noticeable: the Samsung model is simply easier to grasp with one hand, easier to use on the go. As I already wrote, you do not see extra (enraging) frames, almost the entire panel is occupied by the screen in width.

That is, Samsung for the first time surpassed Apple in their own game. For so many years, the Cupertino people have been talking about the incredible ergonomics (ease of use) of their smart phones – but in the end they outright lost to the one who was called their imitator.

Due to the smaller size of the case, the S7 edge lies much better in the pocket, you practically don’t notice it, and the pocket itself doesn’t bulge – good news for those who are used to wearing a smart phone close to the most expensive one.

But what struck me most of all – with a decrease in size, thin frames and other points, the S7 edge manages to be lighter than iPhone 6s Plus: 157 grams vs 192 grams. But in the S7 edge there is a “thick” 3600 mAh battery, a third more than in the “plus”!

The iPhone 6s Plus is heavier, thicker, bigger, not as comfortable in the hand as the new Samsung with more advanced hardware. And this is not an invention of android fans. Come to any store, compare yourself, see for yourself.

Think the same way as me. Perhaps not only about Apple, but also about purchase.

This display in the S7 edge really changes everything.

Now only full tankers do not know about the curved screen in edge. Still, it is he who personifies the entire smartphone – an absolutely unique thing. Not essential, but the best of its kind. Not even like that. improved.

I don’t know about you, but I have never woken up in my life and said “wow, I want a curved screen on a smartphone.” They don’t seem to make sense. But Samsung somehow found. It took her several years and firmware updates to do this.

The display resolution of the S7 edge is 2560×1440 pixels, one and a half times that of the iPhone 6s Plus (1920×1080). The display is made using the most advanced technology, AMOLED, which allows you to reproduce virtually perfect black. Pixels simply “do not work” with it. It is this screen that is on the Apple Watch, but its quality does not reach the “top” in Samsung devices.

A feature of Samsung displays, in addition to awesome contrast and color reproduction, is the ability to change these same parameters at your discretion. Don’t like “vigorous”, rich orange and red shades? No problem, go to Settings and change everything for yourself. There are several modes, including adaptive: he will find the perfect balance of colors for each picture.

I don’t see the point in discussing the clarity of text, images, everything has been perfect for a long time. Two things are much more important.

1. AMOLED always on, always black, always high contrast

The killer feature of the display in the Galaxy S7 edge is Always On Screen, the ability to display information on a black screen without any noticeable impact on battery life. An AMOLED screen only includes those pixels that show something. And here begins the scope for innovation, which Apple does not have.

For example, S7 edge has an always-on screen mode. You block your smartphone, and the basic information remains on the display: time, date, battery level, notification status – missed SMS, mail, other notifications.

In fact, this is the same idea that underlies the YotaPhone, only it does not need to install a monochrome E-Ink display. The owner of the Samsung flagship always knows the time, will not miss notifications without even touching the smartphone.

The only “minus” of this mode, and even then in my opinion – the block of information moves several times a minute. I suspect that this was done to prevent the matrix from being “burned out” by static information. But if desired, the information screen can be changed to a splash screen of a “space” format, which will be shown in exactly the same way, endlessly.

You can’t put your own pictures, which is sad, but expected. Samsung saves the screen this way.

2. Side faces are made for a reason

The side faces certainly look great. Due to the physical properties of the glass, they glow a little brighter than the rest of the display. They create a slightly light halo around the image along with a slight but noticeable distortion.

I heard that this very distortion repels some – but so far I have not met a single real situation when it interfered with me in some way.

In addition to the decorative function, Samsung has accompanied these facets edge mode. This is an additional multi-page “dock”, which is called by a swipe from the edge of the screen. Doc edge is available from all applications, which actually speeds up everyday activities: for example, it is convenient to jump from instant messengers to a browser, to mail, to your favorite toy – and back. Definitely better than the multitasking mode in iOS: in it you have to flip through the cards, looking for the right window, when here you just poke on a static icon and return to what you were doing.

This is yet another example of how far Android has gone ahead of Apple and iOS in terms of multitasking. Well, okay, at least write a separate article about this.

The content of the edge dock is also fully customizable. On the first page you put any applications, on the second – quick tasks. An example is that you can create tasks and notes directly from the lock screen, save contacts, open bookmarks in the browser, add alarms, take selfies … I’ll say right away that the feature only works with programs that originally built it in. This is not good, but Samsung promises that there will soon be a lot of such programs on Google Play.

Dock edge supports not only the customization of items inside. Additional pages can be added. And there are quite a few of them. From news aggregators to weather and compass, everything you need is built in out of the box. It is very convenient with tools: it turns out that now they are always at hand. You can also download or buy additional modules from the store.

In general, the function works and is not in its infancy, like, for example, 3D Touch. This is the harsh truth.

Another question is whether you are ready to get used to it. It’s still unusual for me. In general, after iOS, much in Android, and even more so in the Samsung shell, seems unusual and even strange. Nothing without this.

Lastly, a funny one. If you slide your finger along the edge on the locked screen, a line with alerts and a news line will appear on it along the entire height. It’s a toy, of course. But highlighting the side face to match the color of the calling contact during incoming calls is an awesome feature that works when the phone is turned upside down. Better than the blinking flash on an iPhone, that’s for sure.

One way or another, even without software chips, the curved display looks cool. Due to the thin edges and protruding glass, it sometimes seems that the display generally occupies the entire width of the case – and it is at such moments that you can fall in love with a smartphone by saying to yourself the forgotten gadgetman “Cool!”

Do I want such a display on the iPhone as a result? Yes, definitely. But while we have such frames and cases 4 years ago, you should not hope for something like that, not even innovation from Apple.

Real water protection worth it

Guess the first thing I did with the official S7 edge? That’s right – drowned. This is my first smartphone with full water protection, and the impression will be remembered for a lifetime.

Imagine that all your life you have been studying and making sure: under no circumstances do THIS. And then “it” became possible.

Here is how it was.

I went to the sink, looked uncertainly at the smartphone in my hands. Are you sure it’s not my iPhone? It seems not. Fuh … One thought so easy to “kill” a smart for 79 thousand rubles causes a slight panic. But S7 is possible, it’s not an iPhone.

Turned on the water. Deep down, it’s really funny: here it is, proof that the fear of drowning the gadget has already become a reflex. In the end, I decided to film the process on an iPhone camera. Well, then – the story.

How we unsuccessfully tried to drown the S7 edge. The iPhone can’t do that! #Samsung #s7 #edge

Video published by @news_iphones.ru

Washed S7. Rubbed. All OK. The phone is perfectly clean, everything works.

Samsung officially said: S7 edge meets the standard IP68that is, protected from dust and water when immersed up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. A very serious result: you can confidently drown the phone and not be afraid that something will happen to it.

This is now a special moment: you can swim in the pool right with your smartphone. In the sea, too, swim, shooting a video or pictures. Post to Instagram right out of the water. And, of course, sit in the bathroom and read.

Special respect to the Koreans for having implemented water protection without “plugs”, which usually close the headphone and charging ports. What’s stopping Apple from doing the same? Probably nothing, and this fall they will exclaim “Amazing” from the stage, pretending that they were the first in the world to do something like this.

Dust protection, by the way, ensures that the device does not turn into a dust collector inside even after a year. By the way, yes, on S7 you can shoot video underwater no extra covers!

With all this, I advise you to remember that there is no special impact resistance. It has Gorilla Glass 4 to protect against scratches. But if you drop it, you will break it just like any other smartphone. Especially since it has a glass back.

In general, there is an unequivocal and obvious victory for Samsung over Apple. It doesn’t matter if you want to wash your phone every day. It is important that there is one less dangerous situation. And that this one feature – a drop of peace – is a hundred times more useful than all the innovations in the iPhone 6s. Together.

Performance. Is there life on Android

Apple chose the right strategy, and personally I’m sad to see how she flunked it.

It’s not the “iron” that paints the device, but How it is working. There have always been reproaches towards Android smartphones: it’s not enough to put a cool processor and a bunch of RAM, you still need to optimize it so that there are no lags and brakes. Pure truth, the flagships of past years proved this.

For the past two years, I have been actively testing a variety of smart phones on Android and see: Google and manufacturers are steadily improving and speeding up the OS. I have a smartphone for 6 thousand rubles (!), Which works fine on Android 5.0 and can do everything you need. And it slows down no more than the iPhone 6.

Of course, the Galaxy S7 edge will definitely not slow down. The version for European markets is equipped with a top-end 8-core Exynos 8890 processor of its own design (4 x 2.3 GHz + 4 x 1.6 GHz), 4 gigabytes of RAM – in general, everything is serious. So how does it all work in reality?


Just like the iPhone 6s.

No, but I’m not sure about one thing. Maybe it seemed to me, but Android, for all its unusualness, is less stupid and “thinks” than the same iOS. But this is already subjective. But the difference in downloading software, the work of third-party programs is virtually absent. That is, the S7 is equal to the flagship of Apple in terms of performance.

In fact, the performance of the S7 edge should not be considered in terms of “how fast it starts”. Meaning is different. As I already wrote, Android has gone ahead of iOS in terms of how work with multiple applications is organized. And here the Koreans, of course, sharply take over.

My work routine looks like this. Slack is constantly open – our working messenger that combines several chats and teams. There messages are pouring in every minute for 24 hours, so the application is open non-stop. In the same way, Skype is open – already for communication with the outside world. You need Chrome to work, edit online, read comments. Add CloudMagic mail client and notes on top.

During the day, I spend 90% of my time on these apps, switching between them 100 times or more. And on iOS it’s done POORLY. Need:

one. Invoke multitasking with its floating, lazy animation;
2. By various pictures, understand where the desired program is;
3. Click on it, wait for the program to load;
4. Pray that you will not receive another 20 messages in other programs.

How it’s done in S7 edge:

one. Swipe from the edge of the screen;
2. Choose the icon of the desired program.

Everything. Switching instant. This is actually the same convenient work as on a regular computer. But even edge, like all top-end Samsungs, has a two-window mode – you can simultaneously sit in two chats, or in a messenger + browser. Convenient, although the screen, IMHO, is too small for this feature.

One way or another, the implementation of multitasking in the S7 edge took over. And there are only more such examples. After all, this is Android, where you can do whatever your heart desires.

Many people in Samsung smartphones are scared off by TouchWiz, a proprietary Android shell with a different interface. Most saw her three years ago, and then on the screenshots. And in vain, because now TouchWiz does not cause any emotions at all.

The shell has become similar to the standard one in modern versions of Android, and the innovations of the Koreans do not interfere, and if desired, many chips can simply be disabled.

By the way, iOS and Android of the latest versions have become so similar to each other that you can figure out if you can use edge without knowing anything at all about the Google OS device.

Koreans are well aware of this, so they allow you to transfer basic data from an iPhone to S7 edge during initial setup. Applications are not copied for obvious reasons, but contacts, photos – no problem. The rest you download from Google Play.

My set of necessary software + Apple Music took up one page of the desktop, so I lost little after turning off the iPhone. Is that iMessage, but he stayed on the Mac. And then – two weeks of use with virtually no negative. I had to get used only to a different scrolling mechanism, more rigid. And that’s it!

Therefore, I say to those who are afraid to jump from an iPhone to Android, especially on the S7 edge: it’s okay. Even vice versa. I’m sure you, like me, are hungry for something new and interesting. So don’t refuse. I don’t know a single smartphone in Russia that would be so friendly to the owner of iPhones and at the same time could surprise them with something positive.

Eventually. Instead of an iPhone or in pair?

I could talk about a perfectly working biometric sensor. About a memory card slot that allows you to increase the memory of your smartphone up to 232 gigabytes. About the ability to insert a second SIM card instead of a memory card and get the coolest dual SIM device in the world.

About dozens of unique TouchWiz chips and a whole ecosystem of perfectly compatible Samsung devices and services, which can already compete with what Apple currently has. You need to dive into it, which we will definitely do in a separate article.

Finally, my colleagues will tell you more about camera S7 edge. About how she unconditionally defeats the module in the iPhone 6s Plus. With photo comparison, analytics, gallery. All of this will be coming soon.

Until then, I’ll say this. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is a wake up call for iPhone and Apple. This phone no longer considers itself an iPhone killer. He simply goes his own way into the future, leaving a competitor in the forests of advertising on the sidelines.

If you untie me and my loved ones from the slavery of iMessage … what will be left? Logo on the back? Marketing and promises of golden mountains, which in the end are reflected only in the case? References to past innovations that no longer exist?

Apple. Of course, today you are on horseback. But not the first. The Verge, a bastion of Apple lovers and real fans of the brand, called the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge the best smartphone in the world. Better than iPhone.

I don’t remember that. But I personally made sure that I wish you.

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The iPhone killer still exists. There are so many interesting things here that you don’t know where to start. The last time we were so frankly delighted with design, display, case and technology was in 2010, when Apple released the iPhone 4. Why this became possible at all Apple disappoints us, ardent fans: the company openly bet on the “loot”. Instead of just one…

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