one Bitcoins in a landfill

Back in 2013, this story rocked the internet. News came out saying that a guy from the UK was looking for his bitcoin hard drive. Then any information about the growth in the value of cryptocurrency sounded fresh and attracted attention. On the discarded hard drive “lay” about 7500 BTC. At that time, they could be converted into $650,000.

In general, the news was received with skepticism. Most thought that the person simply decided to “hype”, to use modern slang. However, recently the guy showed up again and said that he had not left the search. His name is James Howells and he is an IT engineer.

Newport city officials and local environmental activists are preventing him from starting a grand search at the landfill. The young man wanted to involve everyone who wants to earn extra money in the search for the hard drive. He is offering about $1,000,000 as a reward for finding a “treasure” hard drive. But the green movement assures that such excavations will lead to an environmental problem at the local level. That is why the authorities forbid James to organize a search.

To an outside observer, this whole story looks very absurd. How could he throw away such a hard drive? Why did the guy decide that his hard drive was in the dump he was asking for access to? And where does he get so much optimism, because looking for a small device in the “graveyard” of office equipment is like looking for a needle in a haystack? Let’s see, maybe after another 8 years there will be news that Howells found his treasure chest …

2 Two pizzas from Papa John’s for $474,000,000

In May 2010, Laszlo Heinitz from the United States made history the world’s first purchase made in exchange for cryptocurrency. The guy ordered from Papa John’s: 2 pizzas. The company did not directly sell food for bitcoins to Laszlo – he posted an announcement on the cryptocurrency forum in which he wrote that he was ready to transfer 10,000 BTC to anyone in exchange for an order of 2 pizzas. Wishing found. And, not immediately, but only after a few days. Jeremy Stardivent agreed to the deal and placed an order for Heinitz.

At the time of this writing, the amount looks unrealistic – about 0.5 billion dollars. But in 2010, 10,000 BTC could be exchanged for just $40. Laszlo himself claims that it looked like a very good deal. Moreover, he mined the crypt on his own, so he treated it like a pizza for next to nothing.

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    How much does a mining farm bring per month? Payback and profitability

Today, Laszlo Heinitz is called the biggest loser in the world of cryptocurrency millionaires. However, we want to protect the guy and thank him for the first ever purchase made with bitcoins. Perhaps it was he who, through his actions, popularized the cryptocurrency among the people.

3 Flying cat cookie meme sells for $580,000

NFT tokens are gaining popularity. In short, it is a non-fungible coin. I mean, unique, and there will be no other like it. The original without the possibility of being a copy. A lot of things are being implemented in NFT today: from memes to quality assurance by the manufacturer. If you want to know more about this, then open our article on the site.

Have you ever seen a pixel cat Nyan Cat that flies and leaves a rainbow behind? Here is the original video of this meme:

The video clip went viral and spawned a bunch of memes. That is why they decided to perpetuate it in the form of an NFT token at the end of February 2021. The coin was sold under the hammer for $580,000! Now this meme is in someone’s hands and, perhaps, becomes more expensive every day.

four Investors mixed up stocks and invested in an unknown Chinese company

The situation was as follows: Zoom Video Communications – a platform for video conferencing, Zoom Technologies – developers of communication equipment (adapters, switches, etc.). Zoom Video Communications uses the short name on the exchange – ZM, and the Chinese from Zoom Technologies – Zoom. Investors came who wanted to buy shares in a video communication application company, but bought shares in a communications equipment company.

Thanks to the mistake of investors, the value of Zoom Technologies securities rose by 47,000%. However, this did not help the company stay afloat. Today, their shares are no longer for sale.

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    How to set up a mining farm

5 The most expensive gadgets in human history

Here we would like to share with you information about the most expensive everyday devices. These price tags may shock you.

Utopia by Tournaire diamond audio headset

A collaboration between sound masters Focal and extraordinary jewelers Tournaire has resulted in the world’s most expensive headphone, the Utopia. Their price is about $110,000. The device is literally made of gold and diamonds.

The most expensive feature phone – Amosu Curva Diamond Blackberry

Each of the Blackberry phones in this exclusive range (only 3 pieces) is covered with approximately 5,000 diamonds set in the case. The price of such a device is $190,000.

PS3 game console made of gold

The most expensive Sony console.  This hatch
The most expensive Sony console. This luxury series of devices is also limited to 3 representatives. The face of the case is made of 1.5 kg of gold, and the drive is studded with precious stones. This line of PlayStation 3 sold out instantly for $ 330,000 apiece.

MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition – Apple laptop with a platinum chassis

How much do you think a MacBook Air can weigh? Kilogram and a half? Take more: SEVEN kilos! Well, how else if its body is cast from platinum. Such an exclusive model costs $420,000 (by the way, only 5 of them were released). For this money, one could go to an Apple dealer every day for about six months and buy new MacBook Airs.

Largest 4K TV – C Seed Blade 283

This is a new model that came out recently. The diagonal of the TV is about 7 meters. An advanced LED display with UHD support, all valued at over $540,000. This is the most expensive TV in history.

An audio system made from sheets of metal used to protect a nuclear reactor – The MoonAudio Opulence

But this is not the main feature of this acoustics. The manufacturer guarantees that the sound transmitted to it “enters” the brain directly, without affecting the ears. It sounds strange, but if you look at the sound capabilities of this system, you can easily believe it – 92 dB and a frequency of up to 92,000 Hz. The price of such acoustics is $1,100,000.

The most expensive iPhone – iPhone 5 Black Diamond

Although, the title of the most expensive phone from Apple sounds very modest for this device. Let’s just say that this is the most expensive gadget in the history of mankind. iPhone 5 Black Diamond made to order, by hand. It consists entirely of the most expensive gold, and the Home button is made of a single diamond. The 5th model of the Apple smartphone line was used as a prototype. It is strange that not the iPhone 13.

The owner of this phone is a Chinese businessman, whose name is not disclosed.

This is not all, believe me. A day would not be enough to talk about all the crazy deeds and gadgets, the price of which exceeds reasonable limits. If you are interested in this topic and everything related to modern technologies, then we strongly recommend that you stay on our website.

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