1. Gramophone

Service with a large and convenient catalog of audiobooks. In it you will find hundreds of works of various genres and directions, ranging from Russian and world classics to modern fantasy and fan fiction.

In the mobile application, various selections, lists of new products and recommendations are always available, which are formed based on your tastes. By subscribing, any book can be saved to the device’s memory for listening without the Internet.

Prices: subscription – 599 rubles per month, the first 7 days are free.

The Bookmate application combines books in standard electronic form and in audio format. And the subscription to them is separate. In both cases, there is a trial period to get acquainted with the service and the available library.

Each book is accompanied by ratings and user reviews, as well as recommendations for similar books. Through VK, you can find your friends and follow what they read or listen to, what comments they leave.

Prices: subscription costs 399 rubles per month.


The service offers over 450,000 e-books in text and audio in one premium subscription. There are novelties of different genres, classics, self-development books, modern romance novels, detective stories, fairy tales for children, business books and bestsellers.

Books by popular authors from the catalog of the LitRes store are available in MyBook. The application collects personal recommendations automatically, and the editors publish their own collections of interesting literature.

The application allows you to listen and read books without connecting to the web. Account data is synchronized between different devices – it’s convenient to start on a smartphone and continue on a tablet. Users can write reviews and rate, select quotes, save notes on what they have read.

Prices: subscription – 549 rubles per month, the first 14 days are free.

This application offers quite interesting selections of audiobooks that can be combined not only by one author or genre, but also by other common features. For example, there is a collection of works based on which films were made, a lot of non-fiction and even self-study books in foreign languages.

All books can be purchased separately or read with a subscription or subscription. Having bought a work once, you will get access to it from any device where you log in. Free audiobooks are also available, but there are quite a few of them.

Prices: subscription for three books per month – 299 rubles, subscription – 549 rubles per month.

5. LitRes: Listen!

A convenient service for purchasing audiobooks individually. Often there are discounts and various promotions that allow you to save on the purchase of several works at once. Before paying, you can listen to an excerpt, evaluating the quality of reading.

Each book is supplemented with a detailed annotation and reviews of users who have already listened to it. There is a convenient search by author, a series of works, or even a reader if you like someone’s voice and diction. Purchased books can be listened to both online and offline.

Prices: individual books – from 159 rubles, subscription – 399 rubles per month.

6. Unlimited Books & Audiobooks

This Android app should appeal to lovers of foreign classical literature and readers who are learning English. Approximately 15,000 audiobooks based on works in the public domain are available here for free. True, listening to stories will be interrupted by advertising.

Interesting books can be downloaded chapter by chapter or entirely into the smartphone’s memory. This will help you listen to audio recordings, for example, on the road, even in the absence of the Internet. The interface of the program does not impress with its design, but this does not affect anything – there is nothing superfluous here.

Audiobooks are grouped by genre, for which the main menu of the application is highlighted. There is also a list of the most popular works at the moment. Listened and downloaded books get into the personal library My Library, where they can be easily and quickly found.

Prices: free with ads.

This article was first published in June 2018. In August 2022, we updated the text.

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