One of the main features of the iPhone 14 line and the new Apple Watch models is the car accident recognition function, which starts a countdown timer before calling the emergency services. How it works was recently demonstrated by the authors of the TechRax YouTube channel, who crashed a car for the sake of experiment. Now, reports have begun to appear on the Web that in some situations the function is mistaken and gives a false alarm.

So, several users of new Apple devices reported that their gadget recorded a car accident right while riding a roller coaster – with sudden braking and turning. That is, the device can take any sharp turn for a collision.

As a result, users had to make excuses for false calls to the rescue service, which had already come to amusement parks several times. So far, these are isolated cases, but over time there may be more of them, 911 employees say.

Similarly, Apple devices began to call the emergency services in situations where the owners dropped the smartphone in a moving car or on a motorcycle. A sharp change in the speed of movement and rotation of the gadget is recognized as an accident and also activates the 911 call function.

Apple has already promised to improve the technology so as not to create unnecessary problems for users.

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