“Alice” is now able to distinguish the voices of family members. This assistant update provides several previously unavailable features:

  • Each family member can play their own music (previously, Alice could only mix tracks from the collections of connected users).
  • Anyone can say “Like a song” and “Alice” will add the track to their favorites list (previously, if the assistant remembered someone’s voice, then others could no longer like it).
  • The whole family can now control the smart home in the Home with Alice app (previously this could only be done from one device).

“Alice” can remember up to five family members. To do this, the device owner needs to ask relatives to download the Home with Alice application and invite them to manage the smart home. After that, new users will be able to get to know “Alice” so that she remembers their voices.

With subsequent updates, Alisa will learn not only to select music individually, but also to adapt to the interests of each family member when communicating.

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