Amazon has officially unveiled a new version of the legendary Kindle reader. It features three important upgrades: instead of a micro-USB connector, USB-C has finally appeared, the amount of internal memory has been increased to 16 GB, and the screen pixel density has increased from 167 ppi to 300.

Image: Amazon

The screen size is 6 inches. There is support for a reading mode with a dark background, but the “warm” light, as in older models, did not appear. In terms of battery life, the manufacturer claims an impressive six weeks.

The novelty is still positioned as the most compact and affordable e-book in the series. Its price at the start will be $100 (≈6,000 rubles). Buyers will be offered four free months of Kindle+ subscription and two colors to choose from: black and navy blue.

Image: Amazon

The company also notes that the body of the device uses 90% recycled aluminum, and the packaging is made from recycled wood fiber – all in line with Amazon’s new plans to switch to recycled packaging.

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