Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman said that Apple is conducting internal tests of ads inside the standard Maps application. It will help restaurants, shops and salons to attract new customers.

Apple already offers similar ads in the App Store. A photo editor developer can pay to show their app in the first slot for “photo editor”. Gurman points out that Maps ads can work in a similar way: cafe or hairdresser owners can pay to have their establishment appear first in the search results for specific queries in a given area.

But things will not be limited to Maps alone: ​​according to Gurman, the standard Podcasts and Books applications are next in line. When the change goes into effect, content creators and publishers will be able to promote themselves through search results or special in-app ad units.

New ad units will also appear in the App Store – in the Today tab and on application pages. Earlier, 9to5Mac also talked about this.

So far, we are talking only about internal testing. Gurman does not say when regular users will see these changes.

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