After months of leaks, Apple has finally officially unveiled the updated AirPods Pro. Unlike the design that we saw in the leaks, the real product has not undergone significant changes: everything looks the same, the legs have not disappeared anywhere.

Illustration: Apple

But using them has become more convenient: now each earpiece and case can be searched separately through Find My iPhone. With the U1 chip, more accurate positioning is available in countries where this feature is available. The earphones also received the latest H2 chip with higher bandwidth to improve sound quality.

With iOS 16, users will be able to personalize surround sound by tailoring the scene to their individual ears. The iPhone camera is enough to set up.

Illustration: Apple

An important update was improved noise cancellation: Apple claims that AirPods Pro 2 remove twice as much extraneous noise as the first version. For better passive noise cancellation, the kit now includes XS-sized ear pads, thanks to which the headphones will fit even those who S were too big.

The headphones have also become more autonomous: up to 6 hours on a single charge, the charging case provides up to 30 hours of operation.

Pre-orders will open on September 9, they will go on sale on September 23 at a price of $249 (≈15,200 rubles).

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