In some situations, when working with tables, it is necessary to add variety to the standard forms. Perhaps you need to draw attention to your social media accounts or redirect users to an online store. Atomic Sheets will help you create unusual documents in Google Sheets based on ready-made elements.

Atomic Sheets is a collection of different components and templates that you can copy from a file to your documents and customize. Also, the set will inspire new ideas and help you learn more about the possibilities of Google Sheets.

Forms available include charts, examples of one-page sites, and Linktree-style link collections. The collection even features pixel art templates. This is a good basis for your own experiments within the tables. You can assemble a menu with navigation, as well as add your own images.

Atomic Sheets will also help you make interactive forms with user input and generate a result based on the information received. Among the templates there is a suitable page for a product catalog with images and captions.

In addition to the basic set of 10 examples, the authors of Atomic Sheets also offer a free set of 30 items. It has, for example, a selection of designs for the diary. And for $20, you can purchase the Pro version with as many as a hundred templates, including several dozen components for menu design and social media links.

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