Gigantomania has not bypassed the world of smartphones. Whether you’re working hard, watching movies or playing games, display size matters. Smartphones with screens between 5.7 and 6.0 inches are called phablets. They are noticeably larger than typical devices, but smaller than tablets, for which a trouser pocket is already small. We have compiled a list of the top 5 smartphones of 2022, which are valuable not only for their impressive display size.

The large screen is a godsend for players and lovers of photos and videos. Photo: economictimes.indiatimes.com

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: the smartphone with the largest folding screen ever
One Plus 10 Pro – compromise, inexpensive, with good autonomy
Google Pixel 6 Pro is a camera phone with a large display
Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus – flagship at a reasonable price
iPhone 14 Plus is a smartphone from Apple with a large screen

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: the smartphone with the largest folding screen ever

Smartphone-“butterfly”, smartphone-unique. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4’s 6.2-inch display quickly transforms into a huge 7.6-inch pocket screen with just the opening of the case. In the open state, the phablet is indistinguishable from the tablet. A convenient taskbar for switching between applications, a stylus (S Pen) for taking notes and drawing – the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 creates a large work area (or two at once) by default.

The phablet screen is handy for getting things done quickly and doubles as a great display for games and movies. Photo: cnet.com

The display and stylus make multitasking easy. No switching between windows in the background, scaling, searching for the right button with your finger. Sweep to choose from: horizontal or vertical. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 takes up a lot of space when folded, but fits in an empty pocket or bag. Smartphone outside – phablet-semi-tablet inside. The only price to pay for an advanced screen is weight. 263 grams, most likely, will not please women, but for men it will not be a problem.

On board the phablet is a productive, up-to-date Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip. The processor does not limit the choice of applications: with the support of 12 GB of RAM, any heavy programs and games on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 run smoothly. In popular titles like Genshin Impact, Apex Legend, COD:Mobile, the phablet produces at least 60 FPS and does not heat up above 36-37 degrees. An amazing gaming experience on a huge screen is guaranteed.

The cameras of the flagship phablet are comparable in level to the lenses of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max and are identical to the hardware of the Samsung S22 Plus. The 50MP main camera captures shadow detail, natural skin tones, and plants well. The overall level of detail is high. Night mode pulls out shots in low light, and Flex mode allows you to take photos without hands (just show your palm at the camera or activate shooting by voice command) An additional 10-megapixel telephoto lens with a triple optical zoom and a 10-megapixel selfie camera are not inferior to the quality of hardware recognized camera phones.

A shot on the main camera of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 without weak points. Photo: digitalcameraworld.com

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Key Features:

  • display (external): 6.2″ Dynamic AMOLED 2x (2316 x 904; 120Hz);
  • display (internal): 7.6″ OLED (2176 x 1812; 120Hz);
  • size: 165.2 x 71.9 x 6.9mm;
  • processor: Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1;
  • RAM: 12 GB;
  • battery capacity: 4400 mAh.

Reasons to buy:

  • the largest folding screen among all smartphones;
  • tablet-like experience;
  • excellent cameras;
  • high performance.

What is important to know:

  • stylus (S Pen) not included;
  • the price of the device is more than 125,000 rubles;
  • thickness and weight take some getting used to.

One Plus 10 Pro – compromise, inexpensive, with good autonomy

Smartphones from Apple are expensive by definition, phablets from Samsung are too. For those looking for a relatively inexpensive smartphone with a large screen, the One Plus 10 Pro is a compromise solution. The device with a 6.7-inch QHD display runs on Android, remains concise in design and construction, not heavy and comfortable.

One Plus 10 Pro is large but ergonomic: fits in one hand and weighs only 201g. Photo: smartprix.com

In terms of display, the One Plus 10 Pro fits into the phablet class and looks impressive without being bulky. On a juicy, bright screen, videos and games look amazingly voluminous and realistic. AMOLED technology and 120 Hz guarantee smooth and highly detailed images.

LTPO is built into One Plus 10 Pro: the smartphone adjusts the refresh rate to the type of content on the screen automatically. This saves battery power. The battery of the model is hardy, 5000 mAh. The average battery life is 11-12 hours in the mode of constant web surfing and the occasional launch of YouTube. In terms of autonomy, the OnePlus 10 Pro outperforms both the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the iPhone 13 Pro in tests at a lower cost.

The matte cover is pleasant to the touch and does not collect fingerprints. Photo: tomsguide.com

The iron base of the smartphone is Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The processor of most flagships in 2022 does not experience problems in games and applications, and does not overheat during long sessions. The developers have brought the cooling system to mind – the smartphone bypasses the Galaxy S22 Ultra in gaming tests, remaining cold. The key advantage of the OnePlus 10 Pro is the notorious value for money. Premium smartphones and phablets with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor are significantly more expensive.

The company has invested all the resources and experience in the cameras. OnePlus 10 Pro is the best in terms of shooting quality among all models from the manufacturer. The 48 MP main camera competes successfully with the cameras of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Pixel 6 Pro and can shoot in 10-bit mode in HDIF format, and in 12-bit mode in RAW. There are billions of colors available in the photo behind the numbers and abbreviations. Beautiful transitions, realistic and deep shades are visible. Photos literally come to life and in skillful hands turn into detailed, clear and memorable pictures for the collection.

Photo on the main camera. F/1.8, ISO 100, 1/2087 c. Photo: www.gsmarena.com

Other modules include: 8 MP telephoto camera, 50 MP ultra wide-angle camera, 32 MP selfie camera. Filter settings and color schemes can be applied to any photo on the fly thanks to the MasterStyles feature, which uses Apple’s photographic styles.

Key Features of OnePlus 10 Pro:

  • display: 6.7″ AMOLED (3216 x 1440; 120Hz);
  • size: 163 x 73.9 x 8.55mm;
  • processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1;
  • RAM: 8, 12 GB;
  • battery capacity: 5000 mAh.

Reasons to buy:

  • the best alternative to phablets from Samsung in terms of performance and autonomy;
  • expressive design;
  • well-developed and convenient operating system OxygenOS;
  • best cameras among all OnePlus models.

What is important to know:

  • telephoto lens is only 8 megapixels;
  • guaranteed updates for three years.

Google Pixel 6 Pro is a camera phone with a large display

Pixel 6 Pro deservedly made it to the top list of the best smartphones in the first half of 2022. The large 6.7-inch QHD+ display added a lot of bonus points to the phablet. Superb contrast, brightness, and hue saturation at 120Hz refresh rate made the Pixel 6 Pro look like a Retina screen. The LTPO function adjusts the display hertz from 10 to 120 for comfortable operation and battery saving.

The Pixel 6 Pro display brings aesthetic pleasure in all scenarios. Photo: androidplanet.nl

Beyond the display, the Pixel 6 Pro stands out for its shell and OS optimizations. In multitasking mode, applications open very quickly, work smoothly and without drawdowns. The proprietary Tensor chip copes with current games and applications calmly: without overheating, freezes and throttling (forced lowering of the processor frequency).

The Pixel 6 Pro deserves the title of a camera phone not only because of the 50-megapixel main camera and periscope zoom. The smartphone has a smart, intelligent image processing system. Photos are literally transformed before our eyes. In Magic Eraser editing mode, you can remove unnecessary objects from the picture in a couple of seconds. The Face Unblur feature can capture objects in motion and improve stabilization. A common characteristic of all shots taken with the Pixel 6 Pro is realism.

With Pixel 6 Pro, amazing photos come naturally. Shot in Action Pan mode. Photo: digitalcameraworld.com

Google Pixel 6 Pro Key Features:

  • display: 6.7″ OLED (3120 x 1440; 120Hz);
  • size: 163.9 x 75.9 x 8.9 mm;
  • processor: Tensor;
  • RAM: 12 GB;
  • battery capacity: 5000 mAh.

Reasons to buy:

  • real camera phone;
  • good performance;
  • unusual design;
  • cheaper than similar flagship phones with a large screen;
  • smart features from Google for shooting with the use of artificial intelligence.

What is important to know:

  • in autonomy is slightly inferior to competitors;
  • The fingerprint scanner works well, but it’s not perfect.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus – flagship at a moderate price

Samsung S22 Plus received a 6.6-inch screen and a peak brightness increased to 1750 nits, with which working in the sun does not cause discomfort. The best model in the S22 line can be argued for a long time, but the Plus version has obvious advantages: from a new chipset and fast charging to a telephoto lens with a triple optical zoom.

Galaxy S22 Plus has retained its strict design features and neat execution. Photo: businessinsider.com

The AMOLED screen of the smartphone supports LTPO in the range of 48-120 Hz, pleases with excellent contrast and color reproduction. Thanks to the high pixel density and proprietary matrix, text and objects on the display are displayed with exemplary clarity. Vision Booster technology automatically adjusts screen brightness based on the environment. The system works more accurately than the banal auto-brightness and illuminates the display correctly, at the right moments.

The installed Exynos 2200 processor is not a premium class, but in synthetic tests it shows a confident result for games and work. Titles and programs of 2022 start without a long wait, do not slow down in the process at high graphics settings. The optimized One UI 4.1 shell in the conditions of high screen refresh rate gives amazing smoothness and comfort in the launcher.

Android 12 with One UI 4.1 shell is friendly and full of settings for different preferences. Photo: connect.de

Shooting in low light conditions is not without difficulty. On the other hand, the 12 MP wide-angle camera captures natural colors, the 3x telephoto lens surprises with detail, and the 50 MP main camera is capable of capturing pictures with a decent dynamic range.

Frames from the main camera – the flagship level. Photo: www.gsmarena.com

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Key Features:

  • display: 6.6″ AMOLED (2340 x 1080; 120Hz);
  • size: 157.4 x 75.8 x 7.64 mm;
  • processor: Samsung Exynos 2200;
  • RAM: 8 GB;
  • battery capacity: 4500 mAh.

Reasons to buy:

  • acceptable price for the flagship Samsung device;
  • display without weaknesses – very bright and beautiful;
  • fast charging 45W;
  • powerful telephoto lens, good main camera.

What is important to know:

  • autonomy is average (about 9.5 hours with constant web surfing);
  • in terms of depth of camera settings and the level of artificial intelligence, it is inferior to the Pixel 6 Pro.

iPhone 14 Plus is a smartphone from Apple with a large screen

The iPhone 14 Plus costs less than the 14 Pro Max while maintaining an identical screen size. Apple left out the display refresh rate, telephoto lens and fast charging. Competitors from the world of Android are far ahead on these points. But even in such a “truncated” configuration, 14 Plus does not lose its position thanks to the iconic software, body and camera.

Despite the mixed reviews, the iPhone 14 Plus remains in the spotlight. Photo: tomsguide.com

The concept of the iPhone 14 Plus is a device with a large screen (6.7 inches), good battery life and no premium coating. The logic is simple: the buyer receives a branded smartphone from a global brand at a lower price. In practical terms, Apple’s approach has made the device thin and light (only 203 g), sufficiently productive and perfectly balanced. There are no always-on display, 120Hz, and telephoto functions. But the screen, even without much smoothness, is rich, bright and clear.

The main counterbalance to all the missing features is the cameras. On the iPhone 14 Plus, they are identical to the iPhone 14 Pro. At the back are two 12 MP cameras: main and ultra-wide-angle with apertures of f / 1.5 and f / 2.4, respectively. New sensors help to take high-quality pictures in low light conditions. Deep Fusion technology processes uncompressed photos at an early stage, which enhances the detail of finished shots. The ultra-wide-angle camera captures great shots full of fine details. In portrait mode, the lack of light does not interfere with creating beautiful photos with good dynamic range.

iPhone 14 Plus will help you capture beautiful shots no matter the conditions. Snapshot on the main camera. Photo: techradar.com

The smartphone is powered by the A15 Bionic processor. Its power is enough for a launcher, streaming video, playing well-known titles on medium and medium-high settings. The software is close to perfect. iOS 16 brings a new user-friendly and customizable lock screen, updated image segmentation features. You can select an object in the photo, “detach” and drag it to another application. The function is of little use, but effective.

iPhone 14 Plus Key Features:

  • Display: 6.7″ OLED (2778 x 1284);
  • size: 160.8 x 78.1 x 7.8mm;
  • processor: A15 Bionic;
  • RAM: 6 GB;
  • battery capacity: 4325 mAh.

Reasons to buy:

  • excellent autonomy: work at an average load up to two days;
  • traditionally great cameras;
  • brand and design;
  • lightweight body.

What is important to know:

  • screen refresh rate – only 60 Hz;
  • slow charging – 20 W;
  • no telephoto lens.


Buying a phone with a large screen (phablet) will make life much easier for people who spend a lot of time with the device. A banal increase in usable area unties hands. You can comfortably edit video and audio, create text materials without pain in your eyes, play and enjoy your favorite movies.

By itself, a giant display is not a panacea. It is important that the size is combined with the features and options that complement the overall characteristics of the phone. Business travelers need autonomy, gamers need powerful hardware, businessmen need style and ergonomics. In our top – diverse options. The choice is always yours.