One of the main features of the iPhone 14 series smartphones is the car accident detector, which allows you to automatically call the rescue service when a collision is detected. How it works and whether it works at all, the authors of the TechRax YouTube channel decided to check.

Bloggers conducted a simple experiment – they crashed a car at speed, after fixing the iPhone 14 inside. Of course, the authors of the video were not inside – they used the remote control system.

The car was dispersed and pushed into the bodies of old cars. The smartphone was attached to the headrest of the driver’s seat – and it worked as it should, recognizing the accident. A message appeared on the screen about calling the rescue service in 10 seconds – such a margin is given to cancel the call if there is no need.

Frame from TechRax / YouTube video

The accident detector feature appeared not only in the iPhone 14, but also in the new generation of Apple Watch. In both cases, the readings of the device’s sensors and special software algorithms are used for this. The gadget starts beeping and showing a special notification, after which the emergency services are called, as well as the transmission of a pre-recorded message and the coordinates of the accident site.

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