Is it dangerous to turn on Bluetooth on an airplane?

Those who fly by plane are usually asked to put their smartphone and tablet into airplane mode. This mode turns off all wireless connections such as cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. However, many still use Bluetooth – for example, to connect a smartphone or player to wireless headphones.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to connect multiple devices to each other over a short distance. For example, you can listen to an online radio station on your laptop and output sound through an external Bluetooth speaker. The same principle usually works with the speakerphone in the car.

On board, all mobile network signals must be turned off to avoid interference with aircraft radio signals. However, there have been no serious incidents caused by smartphones so far – therefore, recently, many airlines have not focused on disabling all interfaces, including Bluetooth connection. The main thing is that you are not distracted by the phone during takeoff and landing.

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Given that this standard uses short-range radio signals with a maximum range of ten meters, more and more airlines are making an exception for passengers who do not turn off their wireless devices in the aircraft. The main thing is to take out the headphones during takeoff and landing in order to hear the commands of the crew.

How to use Bluetooth in Airplane Mode

If you are using Bluetooth on an airplane, turn on airplane mode on your smartphone first. This will, however, disable the Bluetooth connection. But you can easily activate it again without turning on the mobile connection. Accordingly, your smartphone will remain in flight mode – with the exception of the Bluetooth function.

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