Even photos from a smartphone now have an impressive size, there is no need to talk about cameras at all. If you often need to compress images quickly and efficiently, pay attention to Compress Image.

This is a web service that can instantly reduce PNG and JPG images using a built-in algorithm. After conversion, the file size can be reduced by up to 90%, and the quality practically does not suffer. At least not visible to the naked eye.

Files can be added one at a time or in batches, there are no restrictions on the number and size of images. After that, the service sets the optimal compression parameters, but it is possible to set your own quality settings, the maximum size in width or height, and also specify the suffix that will be added to the names of the modified versions of the images. Compress Image is able to work even in offline mode.

The editor window indicates the new image size and the amount of space saved as a percentage and megabytes, and by clicking, you can compare the original image with the converted one. If desired, the settings can be easily changed, and the service will re-process them. If the result suits you, you can download the images individually or as a single archive by clicking Download Zip.

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