Does the router save the history of visiting sites?

It would seem that everything is logical: the router provides a connection between the computer and the Internet, which means it can have access to everything that you do there. But does this save the history of visiting sites?

  • By default, all routers create usage logs. However, they retain a very limited amount of information. Most often, this is only information about when the Internet connection was established and how long you were online.
  • Again, by default, the router does not store information about which websites you have visited. Unless, of course, you have enabled parental controls in the settings. In this case, information is also recorded when trying to enter a blocked web page: this way the parent can find out that the child tried to enter the prohibited territory. If you have not enabled parental controls, then the router will not track your activities on the Internet.
  • I must say that on some routers you can record information about the user’s Internet activity. True, this requires third-party programs. If you have not set up such surveillance applications specifically, then you have nothing to worry about.

Does the provider save browser history?

Despite this, according to Russian laws, your browser history for the last 30 days will be stored by the provider. You can learn more about this in RF Decree No. 445 “On Approval of the Rules for the Storage by Telecom Operators of Text Messages of Users of Communication Services, Voice Information, Images, Sounds, Video and Other Messages of Users of Communication Services”.

The decision was adopted so that the relevant services could track criminal activity on the Internet. Thus, during the investigation, it will be possible to prove exactly from which computer a person accessed specific pages. Simply put, traffic data is only kept for law enforcement and is not available to ordinary users.

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