The creators of the Duolingo language learning service have announced a new project: Duolingo Math. It’s a math learning app built on the same principles as regular Duolingo language courses.

Screenshots of The Verge

There are two blocks inside: basic mathematics and a warm-up for the brain. The first is intended for schoolchildren aged 7-12, the second is aimed at users aged 13 and over. So in addition to teaching children the basics of mathematics, the service will also help adults improve mental arithmetic and improve thinking skills that will be useful in everyday life.

Duolingo Math offers game elements familiar to users of the standard course. In addition to solving examples, there are also tasks in a more playful format: for example, look for shapes consisting of the required number of blocks, or choose which pairs of examples have the same answer.

Screenshots of The Verge

The full launch of the application is scheduled for the end of the year, but anyone with an iPhone or iPad can try it out now. To do this, you need to download the Testflight application (it is the official beta test program created by Apple), then follow this link and click “Accept” to join the test. You can also subscribe to updates on the site: you will receive a notification when the stable version is launched.

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