One of the most unusual innovations on the iPhone 14 Pro / 14 Pro Max is the Dynamic Island interface, which allows you to hide the screen notch in notifications with a black background.

This interesting solution was quickly adopted by Chinese Android app developers. Here is an example of how it might look on Xiaomi smartphones with the new MIUI custom theme (it is not yet published in the store).

And here is a large format for a music player that hides the selfie camera eye on the left.

There are quite a few apps available on Google Play that allow you to customize your notifications. One of them is Edge Mask. With it, the pop-up area can be rounded, reduced in size, or painted over, making it vaguely similar to Dynamic Island, but without capturing the selfie camera area.

Edge Mask must be given the three necessary permissions, disable system notifications so that they do not duplicate each other, and select the “Samsung message style” style in the Message section.

Know of other notification customization apps? Write in the comments.