Fact: The Dyson Pure Hot Cool HP05 air purifier breathes easier and sleeps better because it delivers the purest air. Such – as in the mountains at a height. But that’s not all. This device also cools the room or warms if necessary. Of course, not as a heater, but it contributes to a favorable microclimate where it stands.

Dyson Pure Hot Cool HP05: sleek and stylish

The device is attractive and equipped with useful features. About them – in the review.


The operation of the device is based on two technologies.

  1. Jet Focus regulates the movement of air – from the volumetric distribution of the cold flow to the rapid heating of the room.
  2. Air Multiplier is responsible for the rotation of the blades for maximum air capture. And delivers it with a powerful throw-in.

The operation of the device is determined by three sensors with microprocessors. The latter can easily establish what kind of pollution and in what quantity are present in the air. The liquid crystal display of the gadget displays indicators of air purity and temperature. As well as the filter resource and data on the types of particles that it caught.

For a generalized idea of ​​​​the device, its main parameters were brought to the table:

Model in two colors: white and silver.

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Design and working principle

The device is stylish, without catchy eyes, prints. The body is similar to the ROWENTA Eclipse 2-in-1 QU5030F0 – vertically elongated with an oval air duct. Air cleaner elements made of glossy plastic. Users claim that handprints on a shiny surface are minimally noticeable and can be easily wiped off. The filter housing and the surface inside the air outlet duct are also plastic, but covered with a matte finish.

Dyson Pure Hot Cool HP05 purifies the air

The Dyson Pure Hot Cool HP05 air purifier is designed to completely purify the air in the room from harmful microorganisms. The cleaning process takes place in an intuitive way:

  1. Water is drawn into the tank located at the base of the device body.
  2. The liquid is pumped through a column containing a UV lamp and a high temperature PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) bag filter.
  3. Water is exposed to ultraviolet radiation several times, which allows you to destroy up to 99.9% of the microorganisms contained in it.
  4. The liquid passes through a mesh evaporator with woven silver threads and becomes a cold vapor. Since silver has bactericidal properties, it additionally disinfects the water.
  5. While the liquid is being cleaned, air is sucked in through the casing at the base of the apparatus and passes through the filtration.

The flow of air passing through the casing first gets rid of bacteria and germs. And then, connecting with cold steam, it is moistened and brought into the room.

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The purifier has two absorbent elements. The activated carbon filter absorbs odors and gases. The second – HEPA filter – is able to destroy even microscopic particles up to 0.3 microns. It is more than 200 times thinner than a human hair.


Thanks to the rotational function of the air duct emitted by the device, the fresh air is evenly distributed throughout the room. The gadget produces a fresh and humid microclimate in the house. It copes with allergens, so it is indispensable for those who suffer from allergies to mold, dust, animal hair.

Dyson Pure Hot Cool HP05 Magnetic Remote Control Holder

Also, the device purposefully maintains a comfortable temperature in the room. In winter, it warms it to the right temperature (maximum 37 ℃), and in summer, thanks to the built-in fan, it cools. It is convenient to adjust the blowing power from the control panel. The angle of rotation is also adjustable.

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The four-mode gadget generates scattered and concentrated air currents, in night and automatic operation. When dispersed, the air disperses throughout the room. It’s getting fresh. With directional action, the air after cleaning is released into the atmosphere more noticeably. Thus, you can quickly heat or cool the room.

Night mode involves controlling temperature, humidity and other parameters, while the display and backlight are off. The device continues to provide comfort in the room, without interfering with rest. In automatic – the desired temperature in the room is set, and the gadget maintains it. When the air parameters change, the device will beep.


The gadget has one button – to turn it on and off. The control is from the remote control. Signs are clear and clearly marked. In addition, detailed instructions are included with the cleaner. For ease of use, a magnetic holder is located on the top of the device, to which the remote control is attached.

Dyson Pure Hot Cool HP05 LCD Display

The air cleaner is equipped with a liquid crystal color display. It displays the set parameters and current indicators.

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Device features

  • The Air Multiplier technology ensures that the blade of the device rotates to evenly capture air from different directions, after which the flow passes through the filter system. This allows you to quickly and efficiently improve the microclimate in the room.
  • The gadget independently recognizes gaseous substances and microscopic particles in the air. Determines the level of contamination and performs the necessary cleaning.
  • The air purifier is safe for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. The manufacturer provides the appropriate certificate.
  • Due to the fact that the blades of the device rotate 360℃, the heating and cooling of the air in the room occur evenly.
  • The device effectively neutralizes odors in the house.

Many allergy prone users have noticed a significant improvement in their health after having the Dyson Pure Hot Cool HP05.

Positioning and price

Dyson positions this model as a universal device for a favorable microclimate. It works for heating, ventilation, purification and humidification. The cost of the device starts from UAH 17,290 and goes up to UAH 19,999.

If you want a functional smart air purifier, the Dyson Pure Hot Cool HP05 is the best of the best. He himself diagnoses the climatic situation and chooses the most suitable conditions for cleaning and moisturizing. There is nothing else left for us but to breathe deeply and feel the delights of comfort.

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