Japanese developer and gadget fan Jun Saito shared on his website a comparison of official prices for the new iPhone 14 in the Apple Store in different regions. In total, it turned out 37 countries, including Russia: the Apple store no longer works for us.

Since in the US and Canada, vehicle taxes are not included in the site price and vary by state, the table shows two prices: for the states with the highest and lowest tax. Prices are dynamic and are converted automatically when you change the currency or update the bank rate.

The cost of different versions of the iPhone 14 Pro depending on the region. Screenshot: Nukeni

The regions with the cheapest iPhones are the same for all models: these are the US states without technology tax and Japan. It is slightly less profitable to buy new Apple smartphones in mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand and the tax-free states of Canada.

The most expensive are in Brazil and Turkey: in these countries, the overpayment reaches 100%. It is important to take into account that the calculations were carried out in dollars, and with the direct exchange of rubles for lira and reais, the situation is not so depressing.

Nukeni price comparison→

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