Google held its annual Search On event dedicated to the transformation of information products. The developers of the company told how advances in the field of artificial intelligence will change the search in the near future. Choose the main one.

“Discussions and forums” in the search

Image: Google

This new feature will allow you to get information about your search query from discussions and forums like Reddit. For example, if you’re looking for the best family cars, then in addition to the standard results, there will be links to user posts that contain relevant tips.

While this innovation will be deployed on mobile devices in the US. Later, other countries.

New “multi-search”

Image: Google

This is a search using images and text at the same time. The user can search for something by the photo from the camera, and then refine their request with text. You can also take a photo of an unfamiliar object, such as a dish or a plant, and then find it in the nearest place on the map – in a restaurant or garden shop.

Photo Translation Improvement

Image: Google

Now, when translating text from images through the Lens camera, Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) machine learning technology will be used. It will allow you to accurately superimpose the translated words on the same background so that the text looks just as organic.

New Kart Models

Image: Google

In Google Maps, you can now see how a particular place looks at a certain time of the day, taking into account the weather. This new immersive 3D view will be available for 250 different attractions and will roll out to five major cities in the coming months. Over time, there will be more of them.

Live View Search Improvement

Image: Google

The Live View search mode in Maps, which overlays driving direction arrows and placemarks on top of the camera image, will now help you find the right place faster. For example, if you turn on the camera and select an ATM, the interface will immediately tell you exactly where the nearest one is, how it works and how best to get to it.

So far, this feature is rolling out only in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris, and Tokyo.