In January 2023, ad-blocking extensions, including AdBlock, will no longer work in the Google Chrome browser. This is stated in the updated instructions for developers.

The fact is that at the beginning of next year, Google will release an interface update for extensions to Manifest Version 3, while all ad blockers work on the second version of the API. Installing blocking apps in advance will not fix the situation, since they will stop working after a browser update anyway. Google explains this decision by concern for user data and additional privacy protection.

Image: Chrome Developers

Ad filter developers say they are working on a solution to the problem. Perhaps users are waiting for extensions updated to Manifest Version 3 with preserved functionality, but when they can be implemented is still unknown.

In addition, representatives of browsers running on the Chrome engine assure that they will not abandon support for Manifest Version 2. This means that all applications familiar to the user there should continue to work as usual.

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