In our unstable time, you need to be prepared for any surprises. Basic needs must be met in any case, so it is important to have household appliances powered by an independent energy source, such as gas.

independent gas equipment

What household gas equipment should I buy in case of blackouts

In 2022, rolling blackouts began in Ukraine, resulting in a sharp increase in demand for domestic gas equipment. There are more gas stoves, heaters, refill containers and accessories in stores. Quite humane price tags contribute to the demand for such goods.

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Household gas cylinders

In the manufacture of various products, instead of heavy and corroded metal, more technologically advanced materials are increasingly being used to make goods better, not cheaper. Container manufacturing is one typical example. Today it is difficult to surprise with a polyethylene tank for irrigation or a composite gas cylinder.

The latter enter the Ukrainian market mainly from Europe. Products from Norway of the Hexagon Ragasco brand are in good demand. Such a cylinder consists of a polymer-composite flask, a rigid plastic body and a valve with a Shell connector.

All containers have the same diameter – 305 mm. Working pressure – 20 bar, test pressure – 30.

strengths of Hexagon Ragasco cylinders

Benefits of Hexagon Ragasco products:

  • Light weight. Light cylinders are convenient to deliver to logistics companies. And to the users themselves when climbing the stairs to the upper floors of high-rise buildings. Which is important, especially when the elevators do not work due to a blackout.
  • Safety. If the cylinder is overpressurized, it will not explode because the valve will operate. In case of fire, there will also be no explosion, the body will melt and the gas will gradually come out.
  • Not susceptible to corrosion.
  • UV resistant.
  • No sparking on impact with metal.
  • The body protects the valve from mechanical influences. It has comfortable handles.
  • Durability. The service life is 20 years from the date of manufacture. When properly used, stored and subject to periodic inspection (at least once every 10 years), composite cylinders will last much longer.
  • Control of the gas level in the cylinder.
  • Nice design.

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Tabletop gas stoves

In the event of power outages, the lack of mains gas in the apartment becomes a serious problem. However, the issue of cooking can be closed by buying a desktop gas stove and a gas bottle for refueling. Compact stoves have from 1 to 4 burners. The most popular models are designed for simultaneous heating of 2 pans. Such devices belong to the category of inexpensive household gas equipment. For cylinders and then the price tags are higher. More expensive stoves have 3-4 burners and advanced functionality: electric ignition, timer, gas control, and more.

When buying a desktop gas stove, you need to consider compatibility with bottled gas. If the equipment is designed to be connected to the main pipe, its jets have a higher throughput. The second important point is safety. The room must be sufficiently spacious and well ventilated.

The tabletop gas stove is a simple technique, it is successfully produced in Turkey (Ardesto) and other countries. You can buy products of little-known brands. The main thing is that the store is reliable and there is a guarantee.

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Gas heaters

In winter, the light in the apartment disappeared, and with it the heating – a familiar situation. In the kitchen, you can turn on the gas stove, if there is one, but the rest of the rooms will cool down until the district heating supply is restored. This can be prevented by buying a portable heater that runs on gas.

When used correctly, gas heaters (BRADAS, for example) are safe. Their work is based on the flameless combustion of a mixture of gas and air. Combustion takes place in the combs of the ceramic heating element. Most appliances have fuses that cut off the fuel supply if a shutdown occurs.

According to the method of heat supply, heaters are divided into converter, infrared and catalytic. Infrared technology is in high demand, as it is possible to focus heat on a specific area, for example, at a place of rest or work. This results in fuel savings.

  gas heater BRADAS

Restrictions on use are similar to those indicated in the rules for the operation of gas stoves. It is important that the room is ventilated.

When buying, make sure that the device is independent of electricity. There are, for example, gas guns that need to be connected not only to the cylinder, but also to the outlet. When the light is turned off, this technique will not help. At the same time, there is an alternative – rechargeable gas guns with 2.0 or 4.0 Ah batteries for autonomous operation for 3-5 hours.

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Accessories for gas equipment

Buying gas equipment for your home is only half the battle. In order for a stove, grill, heater or other equipment to work, you need liquefied fuel in a cylinder and accessories for connection. A complete set of gas supply accessories includes: reducer, hose and clamps.

A cylinder can have, for example, 15 bar, and for a stove in most cases 37 mbar (0.037 bar) or 30 mbar is required, a throughput of 1.5 kg / h is also important. The reducer, which is popularly called the frog, reduces the pressure to the required level. Depending on the frog design, the output can be 30, 37, 50 bar or more. There are reducers with the ability to manually adjust the outlet pressure.

Some models of gas equipment fall into stores already equipped with gearboxes. In this case, only a fuel tank is needed for operation. The connection kit may include a reducer with a pressure gauge showing the pressure at the outlet of the tank. According to his testimony, one can judge the remnants of the gas.

When choosing a gearbox, pay attention to the type of connection. This could be the standard:

  • Shell, intended for the Ukrainian market, it is also called the CIS;
  • KLF for the Polish market.

Adapters are allowed. It is possible to buy only a reducer or a hose. Buying a separate hose may be justified if the 2 meters included in the kit are not enough. The store will cut off at least 10 meters from the bay.

hose for connecting gas equipment

Operating recommendations

Next, we will talk about connecting gas equipment. To connect a compact stove or heater to a cylinder, special qualifications are not required. Everyone can crimp the hose on both sides. Nuances can only be when choosing accessories, it is also necessary to take safety precautions seriously.

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How to connect a gas bottle to a stove

Consider how to connect an imported gas cylinder to a portable stove. First of all, you need to screw the gearbox to the container. An adapter may be required to ensure compatibility between the “frog” and the valve. After that, it remains:

  1. Install tiles in accordance with safety requirements: set horizontally, ensure a safe distance from surfaces that can ignite from open flames.
  2. Connect the hose to the stove and secure the connection with a clamp. The minimum length of the hose is 1.5 m, it should be enough to cover the distance between the reducer and the tile. It should sag, not be a stretch.
  3. Connect the hose to the reducer and crimp with a clamp.
  4. Dilute the soap solution and apply it with a sponge to the joints. If bubbles appear after the gas is supplied, it will be necessary to achieve tightness. When using clamps, the chance of leakage is extremely low.
  5. Make sure the burner knobs are in the off position. Apply pressure to the “frog” by unscrewing the valve.
  6. Wait a couple of seconds for the hose to fill with gas.
  7. Use the piezo ignition or a match to turn on the stove. Adjust the gas flow by turning the knob.

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How to connect a gas heater to a cylinder

The principle of connection is the same as in the case of a gas stove. The main differences are that many heaters come with gearboxes and use flameless combustion technology. Such a device is connected with a hose, and the inclusion is carried out using a lighter or a piezoelectric element. With piezo ignition, manufacturers equip overall installations that are more like compact floor-standing gas boilers.

Those who wish to use an autonomous heat source are useful to know how an infrared gas heater works:

  • gas through the reducer enters the heater nozzle,
  • gas mixes with air and burns;
  • ceramic tiles emit infrared radiation.

heating on gas

How to fill a gas bottle

Before shipment to consumers, the manufacturer checks the cylinders for leaks. Products are delivered to stores with pressurized air. Before the first refueling, you need to bleed it by opening the valve.

Gas is pumped into cylinders at filling stations and specialized gas stations. Before starting to refill the cylinder, the tanker weighs the container to find out the required volume of liquefied gas. The volume/weight ratio depends on the type of mixture and is approximately 2:1. That is, a liter of the mixture weighs approximately 0.5 kg.

For calculation, the tanker takes the actual weight of the cylinder with the valve, which differs upwards from the nominal. Ratio table for Hexagon Ragasco brand:

The volume for refueling is 80% of the total. The fifth part should remain empty, since the gas pressure increases significantly in heat.

draining condensate from a gas bottle

Over time, condensate accumulates in the cylinder. It must be poured periodically. The frequency of draining is every 5-10 refuelings.

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Hexagon Ragasco cylinders do not explode. For successful operation, it is enough to observe safety precautions. When using household equipment that works in conjunction with a cylinder, you need to insure yourself against fire and poisoning with charged gas or combustion products.

The following rules must be observed:

  • Keep flammable substances away from the equipment.
  • Do not leave children alone in a room with equipment in operation.
  • The room must be ventilated, it must be periodically ventilated.
  • Refuel the cylinder in time, the need for replenishment of fuel is visible by changing the operation of the connected equipment. Do not wait for the gas to completely stop burning due to emptying of the container.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in the instructions.

In conclusion, it is worth saying a few words about the relevance of using gas equipment. A stove connected to a cylinder is a common thing in our area. Where the main pipes were not stretched, they are used without problems, and earlier only unsafe metal cylinders were installed.

Composite analogues do not explode, you can safely connect to them both outdoors and indoors. Gas heaters are a much more exotic category of equipment, they are more often used in non-residential premises.

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