You can add musical accompaniment to the video sequence both in a full-fledged video editor, and in simpler applications that are even better suited for this purpose.

How to add music on video on iPhone in iMovie

Apple’s proprietary video editing application allows, among other things, to overlay audio. At the same time, iMovie is available for free, does not contain ads and does not add watermarks.

Launch the application, select “Movie”, and then select the desired video and tap “Create Movie”.

Tap the plus sign, and then open Audio.

Tap “My Music” and find the desired song – for example, through the search.

Click on the plus sign next to the selected track. Crop it in the editor if necessary and tap “Done”.

On the projects screen, tap Share and then Save Video. Processing will take some time, after which the music video will appear in the standard gallery.

How to add music on video on iPhone in VN

The capabilities of the popular VN video editor surpass iMovie in many ways, and among them, of course, there is the function of adding an audio track. The application has a paid Pro version, but for our purposes, the free version is also quite suitable, which, by the way, does not spoil the picture with watermarks.

Open the editor, click on the plus and select New Project.

Find the video you want, tap on the blue arrow. After that, click on the add audio track icon and select Music.

You can add an audio file from a link, from iTunes, AirDrop, or import from the Files app. Let’s use the last option: go to the tab My Music → More → Import from File App and select the desired track.

VN will offer to add the song to one of the albums. Instead, create a new one by clicking New Album and open it.

Now select the desired track, tap Use, and then trim the track if necessary. Adjust the volume and confirm your actions.

When you’re done, click the Share button, choose automatic or manual settings, and tap Export. After processing, the video will appear in the iPhone gallery.

How to add music on video on iPhone online

And this option is useful if you do not want to install anything. Using the Clideo online service, you can perform various actions with video files, including adding music. It’s free, but it will add a small static watermark to the video in the corner of the screen.

Follow the link and select your video, for example from the standard gallery. In addition to adding local files from your library, Dropbox and Google Drive are also supported.

If necessary, cut the video and tap “Select”. Then click “Add Audio”.

Select a track from the Files app or one of the supported clouds. Specify the output video format, for example Keep format, so as not to recompress the video, and then tap “Export”.

Next, download the video to your iPhone, and when the process is complete, go to “Downloads”.

Open the video and select “Save Video” to place the file in the standard gallery.

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