For your own safety, the messenger does not explicitly report that one of your contacts has added you to the black list. Therefore, you can only find out that you are blocked by indirect signs. By themselves, they do not mean anything, but if you encounter several of them at once, then this most likely means a ban from the interlocutor.

1. Try to send a message

Write something in the chat and pay attention to the number and color of checkmarks next to your messages. If the bird is one and gray, then the message did not reach the addressee. Perhaps the person is simply not online or his phone is dead, but if the second checkmark does not appear for a long time, most likely you have been banned.

2. Check the status of the interlocutor

Usually, under the name of a person in a chat, “online” or something like “was (-s) today at 15:29” is displayed. When there is nothing like that, this is also a sign of blocking.

Although not always. The status will be absent if the person has hidden it with privacy settings. Or if you yourself hide the time of the last visit, then it will not be displayed for you either.

3. View profile photo

In addition to the status, blocking also hides the user’s avatar. If you remember exactly that the interlocutor had a profile photo, and now instead of it there is a gray circle with a silhouette, you are probably blacklisted.

But remember that many simply do not add pictures to their account.

4. Try calling

Being on the black list of a specific person, you will not be able to contact him either by voice or by video. Try calling him via whatsapp. If after several attempts you hear only beeps, and the connection is not established, most likely you have been banned.

5. Try to add the person to the group

The black list restricts communication with the specified user not only in private, but also in general chats. At the same time, you can create a group and add a person there, but he will not see either it or your messages.

Try it. If there is no answer, then with a high probability you have been blocked on WhatsApp.

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