The amount of built-in storage is growing even in the basic versions of smartphones, but along with it, the size of photos, videos, and firmware files also increases, which means that the problem with quickly running out of free space does not disappear.

iOS notifies you of low memory when the storage is already completely full. If you do not want to pull to the last and prefer to keep everything under control, then you can find out how many gigabytes are left in the following ways.

How to see how much memory is left on the iPhone in total

If you only need to find out the number of gigabytes available on your smartphone, then the fastest way is to view the summary information about the gadget.

To do this, go to “Settings” → “General” → “About this device” and look at the “Available” line, which is located under “Memory capacity”. It will indicate how many gigabytes of the total are currently free.

How to see how much memory is left on the iPhone in detail

If the short answer does not suit you and you need to view not only the number of gigabytes, but also what the used space is used for, then you should go to another section of the smartphone.

Open System Preferences and go to General → iPhone Storage.

Wait a few seconds while the device analyzes all the content on your smartphone and builds a small graph. The remaining space is not reported here directly, but in the format “XX GB in use out of YY GB”. But, looking at the color chart, it is easy to understand what exactly eats up the most space.

Below is a list of all applications with the date of the last use and the volume occupied. Each can be opened to clear the cache or delete. At the very bottom, it shows how much iOS itself and system data take. You don’t need to do anything with the latter – this is a cache for quick access to application data, which will be cleared automatically when there is not enough space.

How to see how much memory is left on the iPhone through a computer in detail

When your device is connected to your computer, you can check the available space directly from Finder or iTunes.

To do this, make sure your iPhone is connected to your Mac or other PC via cable or Wi‑Fi.

Next, launch Finder or iTunes and select your device from the sidebar. At the same time, confirm on iPhone that you trust this computer, and then do the same on the PC by clicking “Trust”.

After that, under the name of the smartphone, the total amount of the drive and the available space on it will be shown. Below you can see a chart with color separation by content type for visual evaluation. Hovering over each category will show the exact amount of space taken up.

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