There are many different options for transferring video files from a computer to iPhone, both using a cable and wirelessly. Consider the most popular and fastest methods that are suitable for Windows, macOS and Linux.

1. How to send video from computer to iPhone via AirDrop

  • Suitable for macOS.

Perhaps the easiest and fastest way to transfer video without any restrictions on file size and format. However, since AirDrop is Apple’s proprietary technology, it’s only available on macOS. This is the only downside.

Right-click on the video you want to drop and click “Share” → “AirDrop”.

Select your iPhone in the list of devices and wait for the transfer to finish.

The video will appear in the Photos app, where you can view it.

2. How to transfer video from computer to iPhone via Finder or iTunes

  • Suitable for macOS and Windows.

Another option for copying using the standard file sharing feature in Finder or iTunes. You will need an iPhone player and a Lightning cable. And after the initial connection, even the last one will not be needed. As a player, we recommend choosing a free VLC with support for almost any format.

Install VLC on your smartphone from the link above.

Connect your iPhone to your computer with a Lightning cable, and then allow the connection on your device and PC.

Open Finder on macOS Catalina and later, or iTunes on earlier and Windows.

Select your device in the sidebar and switch to the Files tab.

Expand VLC in the list, drag the video file and click Sync.

At the end of the process, the video will appear in VLC on the iPhone in the “Video” tab, where it can be viewed.

If you don’t need a Lightning cable next time, on the General tab, just check the box next to Show this iPhone when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

3. How to transfer video from computer to iPhone via FTP

  • Suitable for macOS, Windows and Linux.

If you don’t feel like messing around with Finder and iTunes, or you’re just using someone else’s computer, then FTP is ideal. This feature is available in all popular players, including the free VLC. With this method, files are transferred from any browser on the computer directly to the player on the iPhone.

In VLC on your smartphone, go to the “Network” tab and turn on the “Share Wi-Fi” toggle switch.

Make sure your computer and iPhone are connected to the same network. In the browser on your computer, enter the address specified in the first step ( in our example) and drag the video to the top of the window.

Once the download process is complete, the file will appear in VLC on iPhone under the Videos tab.

4. How to transfer video from computer to iPhone via cloud

  • Suitable for macOS, Windows and Linux.

If you use cloud storage with sufficient volume, then it can also be an effective means of transferring videos. You just need to upload the file to the cloud from your computer, and then open it from the mobile application on your iPhone. Consider the example of Mega, which provides 20 GB for free, which will be enough even for a movie.

Register and log into your Mega account through any browser on your computer. Also download the mobile app from the link above.

Drag the video to the browser window.

Select the desired folder and click “Upload”.

Open Mega on iPhone and find the file in the folder where you downloaded it. The video can be viewed right here or in another installed application through the “Share” menu.

5. How to transfer video from computer to iPhone via messenger

  • Suitable for macOS, Windows and Linux.

Oddly enough, but Telegram, Viber and other instant messengers are also suitable for video transmission. All you have to do is send the file to yourself from the desktop or web client, and then open the video in the mobile app on your iPhone.

Let’s take a closer look at the algorithm for Telegram.

If necessary, download and run Telegram Desktop or use the web version.

Go to search and select “Favorites”.

Drag the video to the top of the window.

Optionally, add a signature, click “Submit” and wait for it to load.

On the iPhone, in the same way, go to “Favorites” through the search bar and open the video.

The video can be viewed directly in the messenger or in any other application through the “Share” menu.

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