Turn on auto-update apps on iPhone

The easiest and most correct option is to use the corresponding feature, thanks to which iOS will automatically install updates for your applications as they are released.

To do this, open the system settings, go to the App Store item and in the “Automatic downloads” section, turn on the “Software Updates” toggle switch.

Install updates from the App Store

iPhone automatically downloads and installs available updates when you’re not using your smartphone or when it’s connected to a charger. If you don’t want to wait, you can do it faster.

Open the App Store, on the “Today” tab, tap on your account profile picture and click “Update” next to a specific application or “Update All” at the top.

Update an app on iPhone manually

As a rule, updates appear in the App Store update list not immediately, but after some delay. If you try to install the next version immediately after the announcement of its release, then it may not yet be in the proposed options. In this case, you can act manually from the application page.

To do this, in the App Store, go to the search tab and enter the name of the desired program.

Open the application from the list and click “Update” or tap the update button right in the search results.

Use forced update

Sometimes the installation of an update freezes, especially when there are a lot of applications or the Internet speed leaves much to be desired. You can fix the situation by prioritizing the download of a specific program. So it will be updated first.

Find the app on your desktop, hold your finger on its icon, and choose “Prioritize download” from the pop-up menu.

Check App Store Status

If the application does not want to be updated in any way, and when you open the App Store, the download takes forever, there is a chance that there are problems on the side of the app store.

Go to the dedicated page where Apple publishes the availability of all its services and check the App Store line. If a red circle is lit opposite it, then it is worth trying later, when the performance is restored.

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