Engineers from Southwestern Jiaotong University in China have tested maglev vehicles that can hover above the road at a height of up to three centimeters.

For tests, engineers used ordinary production cars, supplemented by a system of permanent magnets attached to the bottom of the car. The device comes into action while driving on a modified roadway equipped with a conductive material.

The video presented by the engineers shows how a 2.8-ton car levitates above the road, rising a few centimeters, while its wheels simply rotate in the air.

In total, eight maglev cars took part in the tests. According to scientists, while driving along a section of the road 7.9 km long, levitating cars were able to reach speeds of up to 200 km / h, and some accelerated to 230 km / h. The fastest maglev vehicle in China remains the Bullet Train, which can reach speeds of up to 600 km/h.

According to the creators of the maglev car project, the new way of transportation will help speed up traffic and reduce the amount of fuel consumed. In the near future, a working prototype with a magnetic suspension will be developed, outwardly no different from a conventional car.

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