The usual SUVs of the Ulyanovsk and Volga Automobile Plants are really good outside the asphalt, but only for the average driver. If you only need to go to the country and go fishing, then the capabilities of UAZ and Niva will be enough. But if you need to cross serious off-road and even carry a lot of cargo and be reliable in conditions of extreme heat or frost, then you can’t do without special equipment.

Several Russian companies are engaged in the creation of such all-terrain vehicles at once, in the lineup of which there are a variety of models for any wallet. At the same time, manufacturers offer ample opportunities to adapt their equipment to the needs of a particular customer. So if you have the desire and opportunity to buy a car for which there will be no obstacles, choose from the list below.


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The all-terrain vehicle of the Avtoros company from Moscow, famous all over the world for shooting in the Top Gear program, impresses not only with its appearance. The futuristic Shaman, which looks more like a vehicle from science fiction films, is used by rescuers and law enforcement agencies in Russia and other countries, and in addition, the all-terrain vehicle also involved Roscosmos in its work. Naturally, private clients can also purchase such equipment, by order of which specialists are ready to build an all-terrain vehicle that is suitable in terms of capabilities for a particular owner.

“All-terrain vehicles Makarov”

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The Makarov ATVs company has grown from the workshop of Alexei Makarov, who built snow and swamp vehicles for extreme operating conditions, into a full-fledged manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles not only for traveling, but also for work. The company has combined its own know-how with existing technical solutions, uses units from other equipment to create reliable and maintainable all-terrain vehicles. Today, under the Burlak brand in Kurgan, expeditionary all-terrain vehicles with increased comfort, cargo and industrial vehicles with the possibility of installing various version equipment are produced. Rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, oil workers, builders, doctors – this is not a complete list of “specialties” that Burlak all-terrain vehicles have mastered. Not to mention the numerous expeditions beyond the Arctic Circle.

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Price: from 1,890,000 rubles

In Vologda, the production of Lesnik all-terrain vehicles has been launched. In their appearance, they resemble the already legendary Sherp, which will be discussed below, and in design they are a mixture of their own engineering solutions and ready-made units from other manufacturers (the same VAZ and UAZ) traditional for such equipment. But from the point of view of reliability and the ability to repair equipment even in the most remote settlement, this is an exceptional plus. And the Forester will be able to get there. All-terrain vehicles are available in different versions, both with gasoline and diesel engines, with different body types and equipment, so it’s easy to find the one that will suit your specific tasks.

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PSA “Bronto”

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The production of special vehicles “Bronto” is known for its models based on VAZ vehicles. Here and armored “Fors” for collection, and off-road vehicles “Lynx”, and off-road vehicles “March” – all based on the “Niva”. True, snow and swamp-going vehicles on ultra-low pressure tires, seriously modified and received nodes from UAZ, resemble their ancestors only outwardly. Available to order 3- and 5-door options, pickups, as well as special versions of all-terrain vehicles. As is the case with all models from our selection, it is easy to retrofit base models with the equipment that the customer needs. In terms of options and configuration of all-terrain vehicles for the needs of the client, there are no problems in Togliatti, which is why their Marches are used by both private buyers and corporate customers throughout Russia and even abroad.


Price: from 4,200,000 rubles

The project, which began in Tyumen as the Ecotrans company and the Petrovich all-terrain vehicles, turned into the TechnoImpulse company and the Krechet branded equipment, which is an improved version of the Petrovichs. The brand line includes two- and three-axle all-terrain vehicles that can be equipped with any necessary equipment. The best confirmation of the quality of technology is its work at Roskosmos – the state corporation uses the Krechet in search and rescue operations after the astronauts return to Earth.

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    Popular in Russia, the Chinese automaker will start producing smartphones


Price: from 2,650,000 rubles

In most, if not all, all-terrain vehicles that are produced in Russia, there is a piece of “Trekol”. The thing is that this Moscow region company produces ultra-low pressure tires and disks for them, so many manufacturers use Trekol components. But the company itself produces finished equipment. Moreover, these can be both modifications of domestic VAZ and UAZ SUVs, as well as full-fledged snow and swamp vehicles with a cargo-passenger body, a three-axle chassis and any equipment ordered by the client. Trekol even produces ambulance all-terrain vehicles and special trailers for its snow and swamp vehicles, so there will absolutely no problems in choosing a model and fitting it “for yourself”.

“Crank Neo”

Price: from 4,000,000 rubles

If The Matrix was filmed in Russia, then Neo could well ride the all-terrain vehicle of the same name from Vladimir. “Connecting rod” is distinguished by an unusual design with a breaking frame, which significantly expands the capabilities of the machine – the all-terrain vehicle can easily overcome even vertical obstacles up to 1 meter high. Add buoyancy to this and you get a unique vehicle that can carry both passengers and cargo, while not paying attention to the type of coverage under the wheels.

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All-terrain vehicles “Sherp”, created in St. Petersburg by Alexei Garagashyan, are perhaps the most famous Russian all-terrain vehicles. Due to its design, which allows you to move off-road at the level (and sometimes even higher) of tracked vehicles, the model has become a legend in off-road adventure circles. And then world fame happened – the Sherp starred in the Top Gear show, then the Russian all-terrain vehicle became the hero of Kanye West’s music video, visited the super-popular show Jay Leno’s Garage, where the project host Jay Leno and the owner of the all-terrain vehicle American actor Kevin Hart traveled on it. So now “Sherp” is not just an off-road conqueror, but also an opportunity to feel in the circle of star owners.


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Specialists from Yamal, working in the Yamalspetsmash company, are ready to turn even a UAZ SUV, even a truck into an all-terrain vehicle. The manufacturer’s arsenal includes passenger, cargo-passenger and cargo versions of Ulyanovsk models, as well as heavy all-terrain vehicles based on trucks. Ambulances, fuel tanks, sprinklers, flatbed trucks, trucks with a manipulator, mobile homes, two- and three-axle options – almost any equipment that the customer needs is ready to be made.

Arctic Trucks

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One of the most famous manufacturers of all-terrain vehicles, which prepares its equipment based on serial Toyota, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Lexus off-road vehicles. The Russian representative office in Krasnoyarsk is ready to build a custom-made car from scratch, as well as modify the client’s existing one. All improvements are certified, so that the buyer receives a car adapted to off-road conditions, which can be driven on public roads without any problems. As is the case with all other manufacturers of all-terrain vehicles, Arctic Trucks is ready to realize any desire of the customer in the finished vehicle.

Naturally, such all-terrain vehicles are not cheap, and some companies will name the price only after they understand what exactly the client needs. But taking into account the technology, low circulation and adaptation of technology to customers, the final price, if you keep in mind the capabilities of all-terrain vehicles, will turn out to be quite reasonable. Although it makes no sense to compare it with the cost of serial SUVs.

Of course, the purchase of an all-terrain vehicle is an expensive undertaking. But for the city you can take an electric car, and not necessarily for space money. We found budget options on AliExpress.


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