GH Mumm has unveiled a futuristic champagne bottle that fully complies with the certification requirements of France’s National Center for Space Research (CNES). This means that you can drink the contents directly in zero gravity, which the manufacturer demonstrated during a parabolic flight on Airbus.

Image: Mumm

The Mumm Cordon Rouge Stella sparkling bottle is coated with a protective layer of aircraft-grade aluminum. The cork is fixed by a special valve made of stainless steel. When pressed, a soft ball of champagne appears. Astronauts will be able to catch it with a special long-stemmed bacal, which resembles a plowed field.

Image: Mumm

At the same time, the liquid itself is stored at the top of the bottle and comes out as foam only when natural gas is passed through it from the bottom. This mechanism prevents the champagne from spilling when opened.

Designer Octave de Gaulle noted:

Of course, this project is very inspiring due to its high-tech nature and its 100% French identity, from design to production.

But it’s also very interesting, because the technology serves a larger purpose here: Champagne condenses the memory of terroir, climate, ancestral knowledge and taste sensations for all those who will evolve away from Earth.

This GH Mumm project is over five years old. The bottle was first tested back in 2018, but the final version has just been released.

Image: Mumm

The Mumm Cordon Rouge Stella will launch into space as part of the upcoming Axiom Space manned mission and will eventually allow astronauts to raise a glass on the space station to celebrate the success of the flight. The cost of the bottle has not yet been announced.