The iPhone 14 Pro has a steel-framed chassis and Ceramic Shield front coating, which in theory makes it more resistant to drops and shocks than the base models of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 with an aluminum chassis. This was confirmed by a new video with a harsh drop test, where smartphones were thrown into a stairwell.

Bloggers from the TechRax channel tested the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13. Both flew several floors hitting metal railings and concrete stairs.

Initially, the devices were in silicone cases, but with the iPhone 14 Pro, the accessory flew off on the first reset, and on the iPhone 13 on the second. As a result, the back panel of the iPhone 13 shattered after the first blows, but the new flagship remained almost unscathed, which surprised even the authors of the video.

frame from TechRax / YouTube video

It is noteworthy that the iPhone 13 with a broken case remained in working condition and even the whole display.

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