In addition to the cloud gaming console, Logitech introduced the G Fits TWS headphones. They are aimed at gamers, but have an unusual feature that will be useful to everyone: silicone eartips that adapt to the individual characteristics of the user’s ear.

Illustration: Logitech

These overlays are made using Lightform technology, which allows you to personalize them in 60 seconds. Just put on your headphones and press a button in the app. This will trigger tiny LED sensors that will set the gel inside the silicone into a position that follows the contours of the ear. It is enough to do this procedure once. Logitech claims these eartips provide the best passive noise cancellation in their class.

Illustration: Logitech

To control the settings of the headphones, a special application is provided in which you can change the equalizer settings, which have ready-made presets for RPG and shooters, as well as music, podcasts and bass boost mode. You can also add your own settings.

Illustration: Logitech

The manufacturer claims that such a headset is convenient to use during games: due to two microphones, the sound should be clear.

Logitech G Fits will go on sale in October for $229 (≈13,700 rubles).