Despite the predictions of skeptics, the radio has not disappeared anywhere. People continue to listen to it, only more often they do it not with the help of FM receivers, as before, but via the Internet. OneStop service is one of the convenient options for this.

An extensive online catalog contains over 65 thousand of the most diverse radio stations that you can listen to right in your browser or from the free mobile application for Android.

On the home page, there are many ways to find a station to your liking. There is sorting by country, language, genre and broadcasting network. Selections of popular, new and global trends are also available.

To listen to local radio, just go to the Near Me section. The location is determined automatically, but if you wish, you can specify any city manually and explore small local stations.

If you want something specific, use the search. At the same time, it is very convenient that not only stations and genres are searched, but even individual performers.

The mobile app has all the same features as the web version, as well as a few exclusive features like a radio alarm clock and creating shortcuts to your favorite stations. Both the service and the app are free. They are available via the links below.

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