A new post appeared on Pavel Durov’s Telegram channel, in which the author drew attention to a serious vulnerability in WhatsApp. It allowed an attacker to take control of a smartphone by simply sending a video to the user and starting a video call. The messenger itself acknowledged this security hole a week earlier.

Although WhatsApp claims that this bug was fixed in the app build v2.22.16.12 for Android and v2.22.15.9 for iOS, according to Durov, one should not rely on data security. Similar vulnerabilities were found in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, and until 2016 there was not even encryption in the messenger. With a high probability, a new exploit has already appeared – it just has not yet been identified.

Durov also recalled that it was through WhatsApp that the smartphone of the richest (at that time) man, Jeff Bezos, was hacked. The author urges to abandon WhatsApp and switch to Telegram or any other messenger, ceasing to support the service, which “was a surveillance tool for 13 years.”

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