Quite often, a great shot, in which all the “ingredients” fit together perfectly, spoils some detail in the background. It would seem that the photo is hopelessly ruined, but with the help of Remover.app the situation is easy to fix.

Thanks to smart algorithms, this service is able to remove any object from the image and complete the missing background based on neighboring pixels in just a couple of seconds. In addition to removing wires and strangers in photos, Remover.app can be used to “erase” text from signs and clothes, mask reflections in mirrors, hide watermarks, and more.

To eliminate such details, just open the Remover.app page, upload a picture and paint over the unwanted object with a brush. After a couple of seconds, the image will be processed and it can be downloaded. If necessary, the operation can be easily repeated if there are several details, or you can select everything at once while holding down Ctrl (Cmd on Mac).

Tools available include brush resizing, scaling, comparing results, and undoing the last action. There are many shortcuts that expand the possibilities and speed up the process – you can find a list of them by clicking the keyboard icon in the upper right.

The result of the work is pretty good: evaluate the quality of the removal from the photo above (the guy with the bike and the reflection of the shop window disappeared). The disadvantages of the service include perhaps the low resolution of the final images – only 720 × 480 pixels. Not enough for a photo album, but for other needs, such as publishing on the Internet, more than enough.

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